Statue of Liberty Impatiently Awaits Repairs On November 30 2012, New York’s, Statue of Liberty, was brutally disturbed by Mother Nature powerful waves, Sandy. Hurricane Sandy has made an impact on the grounds of The Statue of liberty worth about $56 Million. About 75% of the island flooded, damaging the island, but the statue itself emerged unscathed. Up till today, the New York Harbor landmark still remains closed as workers repair the damage wreaked on Liberty Island.

With money being tight for the repairs there will be little amounts left for the repairing damages of the retail stores and other commercials on the island. Not only did the president of the Statue lose a great deal of money, but so did the market, retail and concession owners as their business literally goes down the drain. With furious tourist along with this disaster concludes to the question of, when will New York’s Statue of Liberty reopen? Analysis The main focus of the article is the reopening concern of, The Statue of Liberty.

This article clearly demonstrates a global interaction among tourism. Many tourists are furious and extremely disappointed that they will have to further wait till the release date for the reopening of Liberty Island. However, this occurrence does affect many Canadians -Canada, being a French/English country acquires many tourists that love visiting the beautiful gift from the French to the Americans, Ms. Liberty. Though, this does not only affect Canadian tourists; but all tourists who wish to see the beautiful Statue of Liberty, presently. ?