Likewise, project success is also linked to a strong motivational aspect within the project team. The only efficient way to have continued motivation last is to have consistent reliable technology. Furthermore, one important understanding that project managers should keep in mind is to know how to fully incorporate technologies and how to be technologically inclined.

The lack of better understanding could result in serious consequences related to project success. In the digital era we need technologies or projects will never gain success.Analyzing the Scholarly Article: Project performance and the enabling role of information technology: An exploratory study on the role of alignment (2007) The following scholarly article clearly illustrates the significant impact of information technology in organizations and how it effects projects related to the performance and management. This is relative to my argument that technology has the greatest impact on project management specifics and that without technology successful project cannot exist.

In addition, the information that is presented denotes a first person perspective that highlights major aspects in the continued trend of organizations integrating technology for the benefit of project related tasks. The data presented in this article is to provide further relevancy to the claim that the references are made to support the main argument and is validated using the American physiological Association standard.