Executive Summary


In order for Huffman Trucking to stay a feasible rival in unsure economic times, the Company must follow new engineering which will assist do better usage of its limited resources. At the way of our President and CEO, Kristen Huffman, this proposal reviews three companies ' Global Positioning System ( GPS ) Fleet Tracking Systems to set up whether the Company should put in this engineering ( University of Phoenix, 2009 ) .

The Three Companies Reviewed

Telogis OnTrack

Telogis has package and hardware to revolutionise the manner our concern tallies.

Telogis ' OnTrack system is able to maintain path of every truck in the fleet. Productivity will increase, because drivers will be tracked when traveling and non. We can optimise paths, assisting us to utilize fuel more expeditiously. OnTrack package will assist us schedule care in a more timely mode, cut downing down clip.

Telogis ' OnTrack system will besides assist us better driver safety. Turn-by-turn voice pilotage is safer than looking down at a map while driving. Huffman stands to derive from more positive public dealingss with the added characteristic of driver velocity monitoring. Telogis ' OnTrack system will assist Huffman better client service by enabling trailing of the full fleet. Detailed studies will better the overall quality of the logistics section every bit good as the company ( Telogis, 2009 ) .

ATTI Shadow Tracker

Advanced Tracking Technologies Incorporated ( ATTI ) is a US-based industry leader with over 11,000 clients global ( ATTI, 2008 ) .

With a assortment of merchandise lines, they have demonstrated proficient experience as a serious rival in the GPS fleet tracking industry. Their Shadow Tracker Vision II GPS unit allows near-continuous ( 10-second update interval ) monitoring of truck public presentation. ATTI 's coders and applied scientists are able to work straight with Company staff to develop maps and tracking informations based on Huffman 's alone demands ( ATTI, 2008 ) . Some of Huffman 's rivals report increased returns from both fuel costs and insurance liability in less than nine months after a GPS execution ( University of Phoenix 2009 ) .The benefits that the Vision II system conveying to Huffman include more dependable bringing times, enhanced labour dealingss, and impressive engineering expertness. Tonss can be tracked and updated continuously, enabling Huffman to maintain clients updated in the event a bringing will be early or late.

The Vision II will assist the Company remain compliant with Department of Transportation ordinances by maintaining path of drivers ' on-duty and drive hours ( ATTI, 2008 ) , which will heighten safety. The Shadow Tracker line, including the Vision II, installs easy and requires minimum preparation for both drivers and proficient staff, easing integrating into bing patterns and policies. For illustration, the Shadow Tracker merchandise line includes units that download into the Huffman ERP system utilizing USB overseas telegram, wireless, and cellular methods ; this redundancy helps guarantee against lost information ( ATTI, 2008 ) . After Huffman proficient staff installs the ATTI GPS system package, directors can entree flit tracking informations from their desktop, with entree to ATTI client support online by telephone, or Huffman Information Systems staff ( ATTI, 2008 ) .

TransCore Global Wave

TransCore has been in concern for more than 60 old ages and has demonstrated a committedness to research and development in the transit industry ( TransCore, 2005.

) With more than 150,000 satellite communications transceivers worldwide, they are an industry leader in RFID and vehicle tracking systems. TransCore is a constituent of the Standards & A ; Poor Mid-Cap 400, Fortune 1000 and Russell 1000 indexes ( BusinessWire, 1991-2009 ) . These factors reassure Huffman that TransCore will be around to back up its merchandise line.TransCore 's communications system is designed to the highest safety criterions, and their design has earned the Underwriters Laboratories ( UL ) 913 appellation as an `` per se safe setup. '' Stringent third party testing has proven `` conformity with internationally recognized HAZMAT criterions '' ( BusinessWire, 1991-2009 ) . These documented safety criterions will give Huffman Trucking some purchase in treatments with the brotherhood.

Further heightening safety, the GlobalWave system proctors tire rising prices, oiler force per unit area, and infrigidation unit status and public presentation. It besides monitors paths and Michigans and provides in-cab messaging, increasing starter productiveness ( TransCore, 2005 ) .Installation clip is about 15 proceedingss, giving Huffman a near-zero clip to deploy the units ; farther, since informations gaining control and transmittal to automated, extra operator ( driver ) preparation is minimum. The bulk of our employees will necessitate preparation on basic accomplishments, such as the right procedure to log on, unfastened, compose, and send messages, and log off. The execution of this system can happen with about zero impact on operations ( TransCore, 2005 ) .


This squad recommends that Huffman proceed with the acquisition of a GPS Fleet Tracking System.

Research with these sellers indicates that the Company will see betterments in client satisfaction, driver safety, and finally profitableness. These results apply to whichever system is finally selected.


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