In the omnipresent web society, where persons can easy entree their information anytime and anyplace, people are besides faced with the hazard that others can easy entree the same information anytime and anyplace. Because of this hazard, personal designation engineering, which can separate between registered legitimate users and impostors, is now bring forthing involvement.Presently, watchwords, Personal Identification Numbers ( 4-digit PIN Numberss ) or designation cards are used for personal designation.

However, cards can be stolen, and watchwords and Numberss can be guessed or forgotten. To work out these jobs, biometric hallmark engineering, which identifies people by their alone biological information, is pulling attending. In biometric hallmark, an history holder 's organic structure features or behaviours ( wonts ) are registered in a database and so compared with others who may seek to entree that account to see if the effort is legitimate.Fujitsu has researched and developed biometric hallmark engineering concentrating on four methods: fingerprints, faces, voiceprints, and thenar venas.

Among these, because of its high truth, contact less palm vena hallmark engineering is being incorporated into assorted fiscal solution merchandises for usage in public topographic points.The Palm Secure detector developed by Fujitsu is a biometric hallmark solution offering optimal degrees of security. Palm Secure detects the construction of the form of venas on the thenar of the human manus with the extreme preciseness.


The ability to verify individuality has become progressively of import in many countries of modern life, such as electronic authorities, medical disposal systems, entree control systems for unafraid countries, rider ticketing, and place office and place survey environments.

Technologies for personal designation include codification Numberss, watchwords, and smart cards, but these all carry the hazard of loss, larceny, counterfeit, or unauthorised usage. It is expected that biometric hallmark engineering, which authenticates physiological informations, will be deployed to supplement - or as an option to - these other systems.The Fujitsu Group has developed biometric hallmark engineerings based on fingerprints, voice, facial characteristics, and vena forms in the thenar, and has besides combined two or more of these capablenesss in multi-biometric hallmark systems. Although biometric hallmark is already being used to some extent by companies and authorities governments, for it to derive wider credence, it needs to be considered less intrusive, and concerns about hygiene demand to be addressed.

For that ground, there is a market demand for voice or facial acknowledgment systems and other biometric hallmark engineering that can read physiological informations without necessitating physical contact with detector equipment, and the development of such systems that are both practical and offer greater preciseness.


Palm vena hallmark plants by comparing the form of venas in the thenar ( which appear as bluish lines ) of a individual being authenticated with a form stored in a database.Vascular forms are alone to each person, harmonizing to Fujitsu research — evenidentical twins have different forms. And since the vascular forms exist inside the organic structure, they can non be stolen by agencies of picture taking, voice entering or fingerprints, thereby doing this method of biometric hallmark more secure than others.

Principles of vascular pattern hallmark:

Hemoglobin in the blood is oxygenated in the lungs and carries O to the tissues of the organic structure through the arterias.

After it releases its O to the tissues, the deoxidized haemoglobin returns to the bosom through the venas. These two types of haemoglobin have different rates of absorbency.Deoxidized haemoglobin absorbs visible radiation at a wavelength of about 760 nanometers in the near-infrared part. When the thenar is illuminated with close infrared visible radiation, unlike the image seen by the human oculus, the deoxidized haemoglobin in the thenar veins absorbs this visible radiation, thereby cut downing the contemplation rate and doing the venas to look as a black pattern.In vena hallmark based on this rule, the part used for hallmark is photographed with near-infrared visible radiation, and the vena form is extracted by image processing and registered.

The vein form of the individual being authenticated is so verified against the preregistered form.

Advantages of utilizing the thenar:

In add-on to the thenar, vein hallmark can be done utilizing the vascular form on the dorsum of the manus or a finger. However, the thenar vena form is the most complex and covers the widest country. Because the thenar has no hair, it is easier to snap its vascular form. The thenar besides has no important fluctuations in tegument colour compared with fingers or the dorsum of the manus, where the colour can darken in certain countries.

Advantages of contemplation picture taking:

There are two methods of snaping venas: contemplation and transm ission. Fujitsu employs the contemplation method.The contemplation method illuminates the thenar and snap the visible radiation that is reflected back from the thenar, while the transmittal method exposure light that base on ballss straight through the manus. Both types capture the near-infrared visible radiation given off by the part used for designation after diffusion through the manus.An of import difference between the contemplation method and transmittal method is how they respond to alterations in the manus 's light transmission. When the organic structure cools due to a lowered ambient temperature, the blood vass ( in peculiar the capillaries ) contract, diminishing the flow of blood through the organic structure.

This increases the manus 's light transmission, so light base on ballss through it more easy. If the transmission is excessively high, the manus can go concentrated with light and light can easy go through through the manus. In the transmittal method, this consequences in a igniter, less-contrasted image in which it is hard to see the vass. However, a high light transmission does non significantly affect the degree or contrast of the reflected visible radiation. Therefore, with the contemplation method, the vass can easy be seen even when the hand/body is cool.The system constellations of the two methods are besides different.

The contemplation method illuminates the thenar and takes exposure reflected back from the thenar, so the light and picture taking constituents can be positioned in the same topographic point. Conversely, because the transmittal method exposure light that passes through the manus, the light and picture taking constituents must be placed in different locations. This makes it hard for the system to be embedded into smaller devices such as notebook Personal computers or cellular phones. Fujitsu has conducted an in-depth survey of the necessary optical constituents to cut down the size of the detector, doing it more suited for embedded applications.

Wholly contactless design minimizes hygiene concerns and psychological opposition:

Fujitsu is a innovator in planing a wholly contactless thenar vena hallmark device. With this device, hallmark merely involves keeping a manus over the vena detector.The wholly contactless characteristic of this device makes it suited for usage where high degrees of hygiene are required, such as in public topographic points or medical installations. It besides eliminates any vacillation people might hold about coming into contact with something that other people have already touched.

High hallmark truth:

Using the information of 140,000 thenars from 70,000 persons, Fujitsu has confirmed that the system has a false credence rate of less than 0.

00008 % and a false rejection rate of 0.01 % , provided the manus is held over the device three times during enrollment, with one retry for comparing during hallmark. In add-on, the device 's ability to execute personal hallmark was verified utilizing the followers: 1 ) information from people runing from 5 to 85 old ages old, including people in assorted businesss in conformity with the demographics released by the Statistics Center of the Statistics Bureau ; 2 ) informations about aliens populating in Japan in conformity with the universe demographics released by the United Nations ; 3 ) information taken in assorted state of affairss in day-to-day life, including after imbibing intoxicant, taking a bath, traveling outside, and waking up.


Merchandise development for fiscal solutions:

Fiscal harm caused by deceitful backdowns of money utilizing individuality burlesquing with bogus bankcards has been quickly increasing in recent old ages, and this has emerged as a important societal problem2. As a consequence, there has been a rapid addition in the figure of cases filed by victims of individuality larceny against fiscal establishments for their failure to command information used for personal designation. The “Act for the Protection of Personal Information” came into consequence in Japan on May 1, 2005, and in response, fiscal establishments have been concentrating on biometric hallmark together with IC ( smart ) cards as a manner to reenforce the security of personal designation.

Vein hallmark can supply two types of systems for fiscal solutions, depending on where the registered vena forms are stored. In one method, the vena forms are stored on the waiter of a client-server system. The advantage of this system is that it provides an incorporate capableness for pull offing vena forms and comparing processing. In the other type, a user 's vena form is stored on an IC card, which is good because users can command entree to their ain vena form. Suruga Bank uses the waiter type for their fiscal solutions, and The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi uses the IC card system.In July 2004, to guarantee client security, Suruga Bank3 launched its “Bio-Security Deposit” — the universe 's first fiscal service to utilize PalmSecure.

This service features high security for clients utilizing vein hallmark, does non necessitate a bankcard or bankbook, and prevents backdowns from subdivisions other than the registered subdivision and ATMs, thereby minimising the hazard of deceitful backdowns. To open a Bio-Security Deposit history, clients go to a bank and have their thenar venasphotographed at the counter. In order to vouch procure informations direction, the thenar vena informations is stored merely on the vena database waiter at the subdivision office where the history is opened.In October 2004, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi4 launched its “Super-IC Card Tokyo-Mitsubishi VISA.” This card combines the maps of a bankcard, recognition card, electronic money and thenar vena hallmark. From a proficient and user-friendly point of position, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishin arrowed the biometric hallmark methods suited for fiscal minutess to handle venas, finger venas and fingerprints.

The bank so mailed a questionnaire to 1,000 clients and surveyed an extra 1,000 clients who used devices in their subdivisions. Finally, the bank decided to use Palm Secure because the engineering was supported by the largest figure of people in the questionnaire.The Super-IC Card contains the client 's thenar vena informations and vein hallmark algorithms, and performs vein hallmark by itself. This system is advantageous because the client 's information is non stored at the bank. When a client applies for a Super-IC card, the bank sends the card to the client 's place. To trip the thenar vena hallmark map, the client brings the card and his or her bankbook and seal to the bank counter, where the client 's vena information is registered on the card.

After enrollment, the client can do minutess at that subdivision 's counter and any ATM utilizing palm vein hallmark and a duplicate PIN figure.In 2006, Fujitsu reduced the Palm Secure detector to 1/4 of its current size for its following coevals merchandise. By utilizing a smaller detector on bing ATMs there will be room on the operating panel for a detector for Felica Mobiles, a 10-key tablet that meets the DES ( Data Encryption Standard ) , every bit good as an electronic reckoner and other devices. The downsized detector can besides be mounted on ATMs in convenience shops.

Merchandise development for general market:

In add-on to merchandise development for fiscal solutions, Fujitsu has started to develop merchandise applications for the general market.Two merchandises are in great demand in the general market.

One is for a physical entree control unit that uses Palm Secure to protect entrywaies and issues, and the other is a logical entree control unit that uses Palm Secure to protect input and end product of electronic informations. This subdivision describes the characteristics of these applications.

Access control unit utilizing Palm Secure:

The Palm Secure entree control unit can be used to command entry and issue for suites and edifices.This unit integrates the operation and control subdivisions. The operation subdivision has a vena detector over which the thenar is held, and the control subdivision performs hallmark processing and issues bids to unlock the door.

The system can be introduced in a simple constellation by linking it to the accountant of an electronic lock. Palm Secure units are used to command entree to topographic points incorporating systems or machines that manage personal or other confidential information, such as machine suites in companies and outsourcing centres where of import client informations is kept.Due to increasing concerns about security, some condominiums and places have started utilizing this system to heighten security and safety in day-to-day life.For both of these applications, the combination of the undermentioned characteristics provides the optimal system: a hygienic and contactless unit ideal for usage in public topographic points, user-friendly operation that requires the user to merely keep a thenar over the detector, and an hallmark mechanism that makes caricature hard.

Login unit utilizing PalmSecure:

The thenar vena hallmark login unit controls entree to electronically hive awayInformation.

As with the units for fiscal solutions, there are two types: a waiter type and an IC card type. Because the PalmSecure login unit can besides be used for hallmark utilizing conventional IDs and watchwords, bing runing systems and applications can go on to be used. It is besides possible to construct the unit into an bing application to heighten operability. In the early phase of debut, the units were limited to concerns managing personal information that came under the “Act for the Protection of Personal Information” enforced in April 2005. However, usage of the units is now spread outing to leading-edge concerns that handle confidential information.

Other merchandise applications:

Because of the importance of personal designation, we can anticipate to see theDevelopment of new merchandises for assorted applications, such as:Management in health care _
  • Access control to medicine distributing
  • Designation of physicians and nurses when accessing protected wellness records
  • Patient designation direction
Operator hallmark _
  • Colony by recognition card
  • Obtaining assorted certifications utilizing the Basic Resident Register Card
Owner hallmark _
  • Retrieval of checkered baggage
  • Driver hallmark
Attendance hallmark _
  • Checking attending in schools
  • Clocking in and out of the workplace.


This paper explains palm vein hallmark. The Fijitsu Palmsecure is a palm-vein based hallmark system that utilizes the latest in Biometric Security Technology. Answering a world-wide demand from authoritiess to the private sector, this contactless device offers an easy-to-use, hygienic solution for verifying individuality. This engineering is extremely unafraid because it uses information contained within the organic structure and is besides extremely accurate because the form of venas in the thenar is complex and alone to each person. Furthermore, its contactless characteristic gives it a hygienic advantage over other biometric hallmark engineerings.

This paper besides describes some illustrations of fiscal solutions and merchandise applications for the general market that have been developed based on this engineering