Because of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, their plays were bound to contain a conflict that always has a positive ending.

The first time the king saw Sakuntala she was in the process of ascetic Kanva being beautiful even while fighting an annoying bee. The king, having many wives, assures Sakuntala of his honorable intent because of her true parents The king first recognizes his son when the boy is seen at a hermitage playing roughly with a lion cub in the presence of female ascetic In The Thousand and One Nights, Shahrayer decides to marry and kill his wives after his brother gives him visible proof that his wife is cheating on him Brecca won the race with Beowulf because Beowulf had to kill nine sea monsters and deal with a flood Grendel is seemingly impossible to kill because he has no fear and extremely difficult to detect Deer that approach Grendel’s lair are entranced into entering, but never leave The unusual aspect of the writing of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is that it deals with inner moral testing more than strength Arthur cannot eat a meal until he says the proper thanks to God Gawain accepts the challenge of the Green Knight because of the call to bravery that the Green Knight demands An element of Marie de France’s life that is certain is that she was the illegitimate half-sister of Henry II Upon the refusal of the queen’s advances, the queen suggests Lanval would prefer the love of one of his own gender When Lanval realizes that he has lost his magical lover, he becomes so angry that he refuses the friendship of Gawain Liberality, according to Machiavelli, is appropriate only for one who is becoming a prince Messer Remirro de Orco, after restoring unity and harmony to Romagna was given the promotion that his hard work deserved Machiavelli states that a prince must be both man and beast Gertrude deserves the most sympathy when she learns of the death plot Claudius has put into play when Hamlet is sent to England Ophelia is fortunate to receive a Christian burial because of her role in the betrayal of Hamlet through Polonius Laertes and Hamlet end up as friends because of Laertes’ honesty and Hamlet’s forgiving nature