One allusion that could be made to the novel was that the sun never shines on the guilty.

It is a modern day allusion, wherein a person guilty of a crime or a misdeed would be shamed to show their faces on broad daylight. In the novel, this was shown when Hester and Pearl went out, the sun never shone on Hester, while her daughter Pearl basked on it.Another allusion that could be said about the novel is that exile is a common punishment for sinners. In this allusion, we can see that whenever one person is deemed a sinner or a criminal, the people around him or she condemns her to live a life away from everyone.This is shown when Hester and Pearl lived in the outskirts of the town, because she has committed an act of adultery.

Applying this on the modern day set-up, we can see sinners and criminals being sent away into prison or into hiding, away from the people who sees him as such. Another allusion in the novel is when the truth sets people free. It is a cliché, but it was evident in the novel, when Hester was able to enjoy herself and her freedom when Dimmesdale acknowledge their relationship to the public.Only at that time was she able to remove the scarlet letter in her, and it was also the moment when the sun shone upon her.

In the modern set up, indeed truth is very important, as it is needed for trials in order to save justice. As truth is uncovered, only then can justice be served, and the truth would really set people free.Another allusion in the novel would be the about the wretched and the evil resides on an ugly vessel. It was shown by Hester’s former husband, whose evil plans were reflected by his disfigured or deformed body.