Gossip girl here,? your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Herzliah’s elite. Top story on my page: The 2010 graduates 20-year reunion.

?The reunion was held at Hannah Finestone’s house. Surprisingly enough, the first to arrive was Leora Syne. Shortly after, the Shochet Ariel Dahan showed up, providing smoked meat for everyone! ?Once the house was all set up, people gradually made their way in. Jason Schenk and Julianna Sitrit-Libovitch, happily married, arrived in a sweat after having been to their children’s soccer games. Ilana Zackon arrived after, followed by the paparazzi.

She had become a worldwide singer and actress appearing in the 20th Twilight movie. The paparazzi failed to get a picture of Ilana because Michelle Rosenstein took her spotlight, stealing all the attention as usual. She showed up hand in hand with sports spokesman Jeremy Rosenberg. Amanda Hayot gave him the cold shoulder as she passed the newly weds.

She herself was a fashion designer of vogue and had too much work to focus on her social life.? Everyone was stunned when Tamara Schlesinger walked in, looking like a million bucks, with an Abercrombie model as her date.Although unfortunately, they didn’t make it through the night because he couldn’t reach Tam’s standards. ?AJ Rashkoven, who had become a firefighter, finished all the appetizers before anyone had the chance to eat them.

Lara Zini, Bianca Potvin and Ariette Hazan all had a little too much to drink but fell short in comparison to Aaron Cohenca who was found passed out on Hannah’s bedroom floor next to Amy Lazarus. Both were single, and everyone knows, second time’s a charm!? Daniel Fish showed up in a sweat after his flee from jail.He did everything in his power to escape prison, as he’s unable to throw away the opportunity for free shots and beers. However once he arrived, Lior Levi ratted him out and told the police where he was. Speaking of the popo, Daniel Schaefer could not attend because he got stuck in Brazil…again.

?Besides all the drama, there were some very good announcements: Lauren Ciubotaru and Daniel Miller were married, expecting their first baby in the fall. They lived in a beach house in Lauren’s grandfather’s backyard and were very happy.Candice Aflalo won a Nobel Prize for her work in the rocket science field, but unfortunately had to use that money to provide for her 7 children after her husband, Harley Markel was finally driven away by Candice’s parents. ?Taryn Katz introduced her husband via skype. She tweeted that night: @ Herzliah 20-year reunion. After everyone met Taryn’s man, everyone noticed that Kylie Huberman had a man as well.

At least this time she wasn’t left dateless. ?We’re think Shelly Cohen came but we’re not quite sure if it was her… And as if enough people hadn’t changed, Eric Fineberg who was shockingly 400 pounds heavier.His weight had finally caught up to him, unlike Nathaniel Port who managed to lose even more weight, finally hitting negative numbers. ?Rebecca Lang made the trek from Calgary, probably hoping for sparks with either AJ or Jake…or Rosie. Ryan Demberg also showed up, but don’t ask where he’s been for the past 20 years. No one really knows…or cares.

? Jesse Mechaly had created a major fashion label. Take that Ms. Hill; Jesse would have clearly made a good candidate for the Fashion Show Committee. She was seen catching up with high school sweetheart Brahm Tancredi and his best friend Ryan Weinstein, who had become underground rap sensations.

They performed together, and had named their group “White Thugs & Rhythm”.?? Julien Benchetrit, fresh off a photoshoot in Turks and Caicos for Calvin Klein’s new underwear line, stripped his suit off and gave the room a preview of the new line. Most people seemed genuinely disgusted with Julien’s strip tease, but some of the girls really enjoyed it. Among them was Sarah Taub, who had recently become the CEO of Homesense.

She now ranks as the 190th richest woman in the world, which doesn’t even put her as the richest woman in the room that night.Alyx Tauber currently ranks 38th, pretty much just for being awesome and Brittany Hart who ranks 104th, for being a famous singing star and for taking after her mother’s real estate business as a side job. ?Andy Sherman and Albert Sabbah became art partners and designed album covers together. Trailing behind was Jeremy Sebag.

He was currently unemployed and his favorite pass time was volunteering to judge every science fair he could. I guess some people just can’t let go, like Laura Assayag, who spent the whole night talking about how she should have been at least nominated for valedictorian.?Dalia Broca showed up fit as ever. Who knew that all that kick boxing would pay off.

Dalia who was single, was spotted flirting with Kenny Elbaz who was now 6’5 and towered over everyone.? Shanit Bouzaglo was ecstatic as usual to rekindle some friendships she had lost touch with over the years. She was particularly shocked to see that Adam Shapiro was dressed in overwalls and didn’t maintain his “best dressed” award. ?Bailey Berdowski came with her current boyfriend – good thing Schaeffer couldn’t make it. Rumors were he hadn’t been with a girl since Bailey back in sec 5.Samantha Dalfen and Maytar Goldhacker showed up together, still remaining best friends.

After 20 years they still felt like they deserved the peanut butter and jelly award. ?Rebecca Craft had stayed an extra 3 years in school so that she could take her science courses to work in the hospital. She became a nurse on the birthing floor, so that she was able to work with babies all day long. It was a long drive from her house to the hospital, but that did not bother her, because everyone knows how much she loves driving. Nathaniel Dayan was auctioning habs season tickets on the side. He was having difficulty selling them because the Habs had not won a stanley cup in the last 20 years.

?To end off the night, Mallory Ohayon took the liberty of standing on the table and making a public apology to all those she hurt with her words throughout her five years at Herzliah Highschool. ?? I think we can all agree that the 20 year reunion was a very hectic evening. I will leave no more surprises of the night by finally revealing my identity. ?Until next time,? You know you love me,? XOXO,? Mary Potofsky