Using computers and the Internet makes people less sociable It Is said that people who use computers to play games, to watch DVD's or use Internet, especially social networks like Faceable or Twitter are less sociable and young people stay at home and don't meet new friends. As a result they are more selfish, Introverted and they have health problems. I agree with this opinion. Using the computers to work is necessary, but using them In our free time, sometimes Is a habit and little by little it can be an obsession and In this moment people don't want to do nothing, only to use computer all time.

Real relationships don't exist, only virtual friends exist. Additionally, I think that, It Is necessary a parental control because children and teenagers are easily Influenced and sometimes they don't realize how Influence Internet In their lives and In their relationships. There's the possibility that to become an unsociable. At the same time, Internet Is a good tool to find old friends, to look for tickets, for maps, information about museums, procedures, etc. , but If we only use it when we need it. To conclude, using computers and the Internet doesn't make people less sociable, to abuse it perhaps yes.

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