Callusing computers and the internet develops important skills in young people.

It is said that everyone has computer and the modern life can be hardly imagined without the world-wide web, which makes more focused on doing varied things at the same time. Some people believe that the mass of young people have more skills and are very used to computers and internet, I agree with this idea for three reasons. First of all, today young people have opportunities to use many varied types of computers and the internet that may evolve their skills. It makes them to compare all the different ways, which work considerably.For example, the computer tablet, the mobile phone, and all of them have it has been accessed to the internet, videotapes, etc.

Young people are able to learn and to use these equipments and update new programs also to achieve an aim. Secondly, it can be helpful to young people. For instance, thousands websites place a majority of good information at the disposal of any person interested in mathematics, chemistry, foreign languages, etc. Finally, using many varied types of computers and the internet offers a wide range of leisure opportunities.They can get in touch with their friends and send them e-mail usages, picture-cards and photos.

They can make new friends from the whole world. As a result, it is a wonderful solution to the problem of loneliness. In conclusion, young people are in great need of using many varied types of computers and the internet because they can get more versatile, integrated and knowledge- based skills. For these reasons, I support using many varied types of computers and the internet has become the most useful tool for young people and they have certainly changed their lives for the better, therefore, it plays a significant role nowadays.