Daniel Mross and his brother Nicholas are the directors of the Bitcoin documentary “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin.” They were in New York for the last few days to promote the film’s release, which is on Friday.

The documentary will be available on iTunes, Vimeo and a few theaters. Today, a handful of film-makers have recognized the true potential of bitcoin as not only a currency but also as an interesting story to tell.

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“The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” has had multiple screenings. The film premiered at the recent Tribeca Film Festival. The Mross brother took it to few other locations too.

Earlier this week, Mr. Mross visited Boston, where the documentary was shown at the Sibos financial conference. He stated that the reactions “Rise and Rise” received varied highly.

At Tribeca, the audiences were more Bitcoin enthusiastic but at conference at Sibos had a lot of banker who did not like the digital currency so much. They only watched it as an information piece.

The film’s story line focuses on Mr. Mross, who is a 35-year old computer programmer living in Pittsburgh. He is a father of 3 and also an early bitcoin enthusiast. The film, with the aid of this story, projects the workings and the rise of the Bitcoin.

Even though the crypto currency’s price declined severely throughout 2014, he believes “Rise and Rise” is a great title. When asked why, he explained that the phrase “The rise and rise” can be interpreted in many different ways.

He pointed out that while a group of people only focus on the failures and controversies, the technology continues to find new and innovative factors.

Mr. Mross informed that he does not mine anymore but very recently he accepted a job with a gaming company. His work involves making games that not only use virtual reality, Google’s Oculus Rift, and the virtual currency Bitcoin.

There are some other documentaries in the making and it will be interesting to see how the public receives “Rise and Rise” and the other films.

“Life on Bitcoin” is a remarkable film which tracks Austin and Beccy Craig’s mission to live on bitcoin for 100 days. “Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It” is another one Bitcoin enthusiasts might like.

In the bitcoin market, people keep guessing which big retailer will accept Bitcoin for payment next. Dell, Overstock, Dish Network, Expedia and many other major companies have accepted the crypto currency as a payment option.

A petition asking Amazon to begin accepting Bitcoin surfaced on change.org. The petition explained that Bitcoin is simple, safe and cheap. Its most impressive feature is how secure it is.

The petition, which has over 4000 signatures, further said that companies that accept the digital currency project that they care about their consumers.

Although it seems unlikely that an internet giant like Amazon will be influenced by such an appeal, being a major ecommerce company it can benefit from bitcoin adoption.