As a global movement, from day one Bitcoin arrived in the scene, the digital currency has been an example of true international cooperation, attracting a community across the globe unified around a vision of a world without barriers.But to achieve such an aim, there are more barriers to overcome than those imposed by governments and banks; culture and language can be a formidable obstacle as well.One clear example is the confusion caused last year when PBOC released the statement, which could have been alleviated had there been better communication.

This demand for communication has given rise to a flood of Bitcoin media outlets as well as a generation of emerging Bitcoin journalists / writers – many, like your correspondent, write in second languages for an international audience.There are also increasing number of Bitcoin meet-ups and conferences that try to bridge the gap. One example is Bitcoin Expo 2014, which will open next month in Shanghai.Aware of the demand for cross-cultural communication, the Expo describes its mission as being a “bridge for start-ups, service providers, investors, venture capitals and traders to cross the Asia-gap”.

Recently I sat down with Andrej Sebesta, the main event manager and asked him a few questions:1. Who is the organizer? What is the vision/mission behind the Expo?Bitcoin Expo 2014 is organized by Crypto Events, the very same company, which organized a very successful event: Central European Bitcoin Expo in Vienna.We try to bring western Bitcoin influencers and visionaries to Shanghai and mingle them with local key players, which allows conference attendees to build or discover the future of digital currencies in China and worldwide.2.

Why Shanghai?We decided to bring Bitcoin Expo to Shanghai, because China is the largest market with the highest exchange volumes, the biggest producer of the miners and also dominates in many other fields.Shanghai is the very innovative area with newly built free trade zone, which makes it a perfect candidate for hosting such an event.4. How many people will attend? How many tickets have been sold?We estimate 800-1000 attendees. Currently we have sold 200 tickets, while more being sold every day.

5. Anything exciting about the expo that you would like to recommend to the Chinese bitcoiners?The attendees can look forward to great scale of different topics supervised by personalities from the whole industry for the opportunity to make connections at the bombastic party at Friday.Everyone can join the workshops focused on mining and security, which will explain the most recent topics in the very interactive way.But what really differs our Expo from any others is the atmosphere where various kind attendees can meet in a friendly way and discuss business partnerships, get new contacts and customers.

6. Any problems with the Chinese government during the preparations?Fortunately, part of our team has been in China for a considerable amount of time by now, so we have the needed knowledge about the Chinese law. Thanks to that we avoided any potential law problems.7.

Funny or otherwise interesting anecdotesYou have never met so many businessmen in suits acting in such a casual way as on Bitcoin Expo 2014!8. What do you think of the Chinese bitcoin scene in general?Well, it’s huge. It’s the largest Bitcoin market, but we believe to discover its potential even more. You can find a lot of successful Bitcoin businesses within China, new are arising everyday, that is a very good trend.Yet grey zone in regulation area is little confusing for many users and entrepreneurs. I’m very confident when talking about Bitcoin future in China, because country with the world highest user base will definitely find a way to embrace Bitcoin in a sustainable way.Brought by Richard Bernes