I use a printer personally when I need to print my homework or print my course work out. A printer prints out my work exactly like what is on the screen so that is good when I want to get exact copies of what I have wrote or the picture I want. I use a printer to print pictures and posters out for my room or if I am just a fan of someone and I want some pictures of him or her. Sometimes I take copies or prints of a picture and get the person on it to sign it. This makes the picture I have printed out much more interesting. If I have burnt music on CDs, I would need to make a cover for it saying what music is burnt on the CD and I could also put a picture for the cover that I have printed off. I use a printer sometimes when I don't have lined paper in the house or I have finished the lined paper I print out lines on plain white paper. It turns out a bit like the lined paper.

I have a digital camera and I normally insert the memory card of my camera into a slot on the side of the printer and I print out the photos, which would turn out cheaper and quicker, and I don't have to travel a long distance to get my photos printed. I could also get the photos saved on my computer so when I need to print pictures off I could easily print them off from the file I have saved the pictures on. I print out addresses on sticky labels and I print out addresses on them to make it neater. I use the sticky labels when I want to invite people to my party and so I can put the sticky label on the back of the envelope. I also use a printer to scan or photocopy my work that I need. I also sometimes photo copy my photos when I need to use them for my RS course work. When I need coloured paper I print out coloured paper I use coloured paper for different posters I need to make for lessons but that wastes a lot of ink. A printer also has a photocopy machine and a scanner.

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Does the technology really meet your personal needs, if so how and if not why not? A printer meets my needs when I want to print out my work or when I want to scan something or copy something, and also fax. For example my course works or homework's or just posters. A printer has sometimes got fax machine and it is much easier when I receive fax from my print machine because I do not need to buy separate ink for my fax machine or for my printer. The paper needed for a fax machine is not ordinary paper it is roll paper which is very expensive but when my fax machine is with my printer it uses the A4 which is cheap and starts from very cheap prices till quite expensive.

My printer also has a slot to put my digital camera memory card in so I can print my pictures with my printer which is cheaper and quicker rather than going to somewhere to get my photos printed. A printer has a button for the printing to stop when I have done a mistake so I don't need to waste ink when the printing is wrong. A printer does meet my needs because it has a lot of features on it that I can use and if I had a fax machine and a photocopy machine and a scanner and a printer on its own it would cost loads of money for the electricity.

What are the disadvantages in using the technology personally? (Law) The disadvantage of a printer is that I will have to buy ink cartridges for it and I will have to buy paper for it. The printer can sometimes break down and it would cost a lot to fix. The quality of the printer could be bad and would smudge my work. I could copy my homework and give a copy for everyone to copy. Most printers work only when the computer is turned on with it so it would not work if I wanted to copy something without turning on the computer it self and that would take a long time for it to turn on. What if the thing I wanted to copy was very urgent and I had no time for the computer to turn on that would waste a lot of time and electricity. I could be getting pictures off the web and printing them when it says I have to pay for them. I could photocopy some one else's ID and use it for my self and that would be illegal. I can make different illegal IDs and that could make me be sentenced to prison.

What alternatives are there for the technology? (They may not be ICT) There aren't many alternatives for printer, photocopy machine, or scanner but I could instead do something by hand. If I want to photocopy something I can instead copy all of it by hand. If I had to print something I can instead draw or write it by hand or draw the picture with a pencil. If I need to fax something I can instead post or email or even text so there are a lot of alternatives. There is no alternative for scan but instead I can just type something all over again or find the picture I need to scan on the computer to use I can instead just find another one.

Could you do without the technology? If not WHY? I use a printer personally when I need to print my homework or print my course work out. A printer makes life easier when I want to print things out I don't need to draw them or if I want to print more than a few copies of something that really means I have to copy everything by hand several times. If I want to print out lyrics to some songs and I want to learn the lyrics it would take a long time to write it all down and I could. If I want to print out piano notes I want to practice to play on my piano. I would print out covers for my CD cases, which I have burnt songs on stating what songs I have burnt on the CD. I copy my homework in case it gets lost so I have another copy. I can print out pictures for my bedroom to brighten up my bedroom and I can print out my homework from the school website.

3a EVALUATION Interactive White board Describe how you use the technology socially? I can use it socially when I have to show my presentation to the class or when I need to measure angles to prove them wrong or to show them the answer. I can draw different shapes to show them what are the different shapes and how many sides they have and what they look like. I can time every one while they are doing a test or when they are answering a question. I can draw different graphs and show them how you should use them. I can measure lines with it because it has its own little ruler (massive ruler). I can practically do most the stuff I can do with a mouse and a keyboard with a computer or laptop on the Interactive white board.

Does the technology really meet your social needs, if so how and if not why not? An interactive white board meets my needs when my teacher wants to show us something and it makes life much easier if my teacher wants to show the class or me something we do not have to look at her tiny laptop screen. An interactive board has a pen, which only works when the interactive white board is on and working. The pen meets my needs because I can write on the interactive white board and if I change the slide something else comes with none of my writing. If I bring the slide back my writing is on the slide that I wrote on. With the pen I can click and select on hyperlinks displayed on the board by the projector.

What are the disadvantages in using the technology socially? (Law) The disadvantage of an interactive board is that it ruins my eyes and if I loose the special pen for it I would have to order a new one, which would cost quite a lot. An interactive white board might sometimes go crazy and not work so that is another point. An interactive board is quite expensive too so that is bad too. If I want to change the size of the writing example the thickness and I am already using the minimum size I cannot make it smaller. If the projector is not working the interactive board would not be able to display anything on it so that means I cannot use the interactive white board although my computer or laptop is working and connected to the interactive white board.

What alternatives are there for the technology? (They may not be ICT) If I don't have an interactive white board I can use a white board and I can buy a huge ruler so I can draw big lines on the board. There is no other thing to use instead of an interactive white board. I can also use a black board and different coloured chalk.