It must also consider the value proposition of the Picked service or wireless carriers (its direct customers), who need to be convinced that the service will lead to higher monthly average revenue per user (ARPA) and/or increased subscriber loyalty. The case pertains to qualitative information on customer personae that represent different customer segments.

Customer persona is a conceptual and fictive character of who could be the typical customer. Shorter, It gives us a "realistic" kind of customer (with solo-professional situation, sex, age, etc It's possible to have several customer personae.A user persona Is a representation of the goals and behavior of a hypothesized group of users. Our aim is to develop a targeting and positioning strategy based on this qualitative information.

The case also provides quantitative data on customer preferences that can be used to identify response- based customer segments, as well as demographic and media habits information that can be used to profile the segments. Cluster analysis is the task of assigning a set of objects into groups (called clusters) so that the objects in the same cluster are more similar (in some sense or another) to each other than to those in other clusters.We have to revise their recommendations based on the additional quantitative data. Part- A IQ : Based on the three customer personae, which customer segment should Antenna target? We are comfortable choosing the young professional, we also consider the parent a viable segment.

The young professional will definitely utilize the service in their business and will see the value to carry over use for personal photos thus increases their usage and dependency of the service (or vice-versa). We think given the age group of this persona they will be quick to adapt to the new technology once they commit to using it.Once they commit to using it we believe it will be something that will be difficult for them to give up so they will be a regular customer. However, we are concerned about the number of potential customer in this persona.

We wonder how many 27 year olds are like Steve when he mentions he was "the last of his friends to get up on the latest technology. Q: Create a positioning statement for your chosen target persona and Identify the key themes that should be emphasized in the messaging for the Picked service to After the segmentation market, Antenna Picked target will be Steve, the Young Professional.The Antenna Pickles offer and the Stave's profile are linked. For us, Steve is the best target. Steve is 27 years old, he is cool and a young active adult desiring to connect with friends.

Steve is a hardworking person who knows the new technology and who uses very often the new technological communication for his work. It is an easy target to approach because he needs this type of application to simplify his lifestyle and his work. For Steve, the essential key themes should be professional and easy to use. Professional: -You can use their phones to take pictures of houses to save and send instantly to clients.

You can be linked all the time with clients and colleagues with cell phone. -"He uses email at work, but prefers the phone". Now with our product, he will can use only the phone for his work and to be attentive to his clients every time even on the road. Easy to use: -If your phone is lost or stolen, your pictures are safe.

-Every picture you take on your camera phone is emailed to you, automatically. -Sets up on your phone in about one minute. -There is nothing to learn or remember. Just take photos and pick sender delivers them automatically. -Easy delivery to your email, your PC, and your Photometer, Yahoo!Flicker, Snappish or Globetrotter accounts. To approach better Steve, we have chosen some promotion supports.

Internet: -Antenna Picnicked Site -Antenna Picnicked Backbone (connected with people of social networks) -Technological sites about new technologies -Blobs WOMB: With all his colleagues and the real estate world. This type of product can change the real estate agent work. Q: What are the risks of using qualitative personae to select target customer segments? The main risk by using it is that customer personae are Just a representation of a typically customer and only linked with the product or the company.It doesn't care about the geography, socio-cultural differences, etc.

The other problem is that qualitative personae don't show the quantity of customer and so the real potential of a group of customers. We cannot know how much "Regina" are in the segment targeted. Shorter, the problem of using qualitative is that it's Just an assumption without quantitative evidences and no descriptive. The firm risks to target their customers only linked with their personae. IQ : Based only on the cluster analysis data, which preference-related variables are most useful for segmentation identification and evaluation?Which variables are least useful? Based on the cluster analysis data, the following three preference related variables are most useful: 1.

Ease in uploading photos 2. Value of saving phone photos so they are not lost 3. Monthly fee charged The following variables are least preferred: 1. Taking more photos if quality is better 2. Replacing digital camera if phone photos quality was better Q: Keeping in mind what you know about each cluster before you look at Exhibit 3 Exhibit 4, create descriptive profiles for the customer segment represented by each cluster.

Label each segment with a title that best describes that cluster. To what extent does this new information reinforce or challenge your previous assumptions about the segments in this market? Cluster 1 - The Savvy These people value the services provided by Picked the most. They are eager to switch from their digital camera to camera phones if provided with better picture quality and easier transfer of pictures. They are accustomed to internet and the concepts of email and social networking and are probably carrying smartness already.They form the majority of the respondents and appear to be most price sensitive.

Cluster 2 - The bewildered These people do not see camera phones as a replacement for their digital camera. They value the features provided by Picked but are not keen on trying out newer technologies. They form the smallest percentage of the test group -12%. We can expect people of cluster 2 to adopt Picked at a later stage once it has already adopted a consumer base. Cluster 4 - The Complacent These people are fine with the current methods of photo transfer and sharing.They are accustomed to the use of flashiness, data cables and memory cards.

They are exposed to internet, email and social networking and accept them as they are and re not very keen on trying out new technologies which simplify them. These people therefore are not willing to pay a good price for Picked. Cluster 5 - The willing They find it most difficult to transfer phone pictures and are the last ones to adopt any new technology. They are the least price sensitive and are ready to spend the maximum for Picked.These people appear to be too time-strapped to transfer and share pictures and most probably have large disposable incomes.

Cluster 6 - The Novice They are the least tech as'. N. Y of all. They have a very limited exposure to internet, mail and social networking and don't devote much time to these things. Therefore they appear to value Picked much and are ready to pay the least amount for it of all the clusters.

Q: Which segment(s) would you recommend as a target for Picked? Explain the logic behind your choice. 1. Cluster 1: We would like to target the Cluster 1 people, since they are Savvy.They form the major segment I.

E. 24% of the respondents. These are the people who are tech saw but prefer to have technologies of transferring photos to their computers. Consumers in this group are always ready to switch since they want to be updated at all times.

They are connected almost everywhere be it internet, store, TV's almost reachable on all sites. Targeting them is easiest and cheapest as well as picked need not go an extra mile to convince them. All they need to do is let them know about it and requests will come in automatically. 2.Cluster 5: They find it most difficult to transfer phone pictures and are the last ones to adopt any new technology.

They are the least price sensitive and are ready to spend the maximum for Picked. These people appear to be too time-strapped to transfer and share pictures and most probably have large disposable incomes. These people actually need this product and can be the active customers of the product. Q: Develop a positioning statement for your selected target customer(s) that defines the key benefits of the Picked service and how the service is differentiated from alternatives that customers might consider.

Positioning Statement for the customer segment - Cluster 1 Specifically designed for people who treasure their memories captured in mobile phone and have been frustrated with the cumbersome process of manually transferring photos off their phones, Nonmetal's Picked is a quality innovative mobile phone service that promises an easiest way to transfer pictures off their camera phones by automatically uploading those to a desktop, e-mail or favorite photo sharing and social networking sites with no click and best price.Q: Develop a positioning statement for wireless carriers and Antenna can use to communicate the value of the Picked service for wireless carriers. Positioning Statement for Wireless Carriers that Antenna can use to communicate the value of the Picked service for wireless carriers.For wireless carriers who are constantly in reach of innovative ways to bring the value to their subscribers by offering superior services, Nonmetal's Picked is an innovative value-add mobile phone service that allows their customers to transfer pictures off the camera phones by automatically uploading to a desktop, e-mail or a photo sharing site with no click and hence promises differentiated position in the market by enhancing the customer base and ARPA (Average Revenue per User).Q: Suggest a media plan that you feel would be most effective in promoting the Picked service to your selected target customer(s) and to convert them to paying customers. The company should market the new technology through TV advertisements.

As we are targeting Cluster 1, who spend a major portion of the day on the internet, that too mostly on social networking sites, Antenna should market the new technology through backbone & Namespace.