Costs the Children's Self esteem and Motivation In my understanding, the article says that the relation between motivation and self- esteem has considered a prime concern In learning. Every children Is grown according to their parent's way of nurturing. In my situation, under my circumstances, my parents nurtured me through appreciating things I've done weather it's huge or small.

In some ways, they are also informing me of the things hat could bring me to embrace the life according to the peoples will, judgment and discerning. But in other aspect of my life, I cannot deny the fact that the more I praise by the people, the more I push myself to strive and create more achievements. Just like the "perfectionists" I am sometimes scared to be rejected. I am avoiding failure. 'cause failure hurts! But still, for me, things related to challenges is more fun than counting achievements without touch to the reality of life.

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In the article I have read, it has been stated there that there are two types of mindsets. The fixed mindset and the growth mindset. I don't consider myself In the first one. I'm not born fixed to be a Genius. I attained the learning I have through the success and failures I have experienced. In my self-observation, I belong In the "growth mindset". To those which motivation stands as their reinforcement to achieve and succeed with their goals. In the end, reading this article thought me two things in life.

First, never give too much praise to children or to anyone's achievement. So that, they couldn't lessen their confidence in facing difficult things and second, motivate and appreciate their works in a perfect way that they wouldn't open the life that role by the people around. As what Gardner and Lambert(1 972) said: "the children's motivation to learn is thought to be determined by his/her attitudes towards the other group in particular and by his orientation towards the learning task itself. "