Intellectual (mental) intelligence increases one's success in school. An intellectual maintains focus to stay on task. Intellectuals continually meet or exceed academic goals. Possessing a basic Interest In cognitive growth, an Intellectual Is Inquisitive and fact-seeking. They will not waste time procrastinating although they may devote added time to gain greater understanding of certain situations.

2) My intellectual smartness is my passion for cooking, and baking.I feel that I am very talented in this area. For instance, I made my signature cupcakes for my old Job, and they were in heaven. My supervisor told me I should have my own cupcake shop. Since I like cooking as well; a cupcake shop would not work for me at this point. I take pride In every dish I prepare.

My goal Is to make everything perfect. 3) This particular smartness is very structured I would say. They are focus mainly on task and goals. These types of people make great leaders in the work force. ) Practical Intelligence Involves being able to problem solve with respect to dally asks, such as knowing how to delegate work effectively to others. 2) When I was working for the County of San Bernardino.

I had a problem with a co-worker, which was very intense. We had a meeting with the supervisor to solve the problem, so we came to a mutual ground in order to work together, and get the Job done. Nevertheless, we still never got alone, but we did get our work done on time, and efficiently. 3) Practical intelligence is involved when dealing with common personal or practical problems.It may also be involved when dealing with new and unusual situations In dally life.

For example, suppose that you found yourself alone in an unfamiliar suburb, without money or a mobile phone and had missed the last train or bus back to your home. Successfully dealing with this situation involves a distinctly different part of intelligence, often observed in people who are street smart. Nevertheless, you would have the intelligence to know what and what not to do in this situation (which can be life or death if not handled correctly). Emotional intelligence the ability to express and control our own emotions Is Important, so Is our ability to understand, Interpret, and respond to the emotions of others. Imagine a world where you could not understand when a friend was feeling sad or when a co- worker was angry.

2) I am most emotionally challenged by my children. Even though, it can be very challenging at times, I would not change anything. I have five children, two girls, and three boys. The emotions were all over the place; every time they would o with their friends, or even Just walking to school.As a mother you worry daily until they make It home.

Even when they become adults, as a parent that emotion is always there. 3) Emotional Intelligence Is the ability to recognize your emotions, understand what they are telling you, and realize how your emotions affect people understand how they feel, this allows you to manage relationships more effectively. People with high emotional intelligence are usually successful in most things they do. Why? Because they are the ones that others want on their team.