Americans. Cell phones have changed ones entire perception on communication. Verbal communication is often overlooked and dismissed as unnecessary when it is easier and faster to communicate via email or text. Although non-verbal communication may appear to be the simpler choice, is this a choice that is damaging our society? One may argue yes, the extreme prevalence of cell phones in our lives is harmful to our evolving society because its often prevents growth. Americans are forgetting how to communicate with one another face-to-face. Cell phones are becoming more and more widespread in children's lives.

According to a study done in 2012, nearly six out often United States parents of children ages eight to twelve have provided those children with cell phones. The absence of face-to-face communication can take a toll on the development of youth and their perception of reality. Technology use restricts movement, which can lead to delayed development. According to a study done in 2008, one in three children enter school developmentally delayed, negatively impacting literacy and academic achievement. This diminished academic achievement can impact a child's self-esteem, leading to fewer contributions to society.

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When discussing technologies effect on society one can also bring up the widespread obesity. "Children who are allowed a device in their bedrooms have a thirty percent increased incidence of obesity (Fen 2011). " Technology has also impacted the sleep of many Americans who use it, specifically children. "Seventy-five percent of Children aged nine and ten years are sleep deprived to the extent that their grades are detrimentally impacted (Boston College 2012). " Violent media contact can cause child aggression. Young children are increasingly exposed to rising incidence of physical and sexual violence in today's Edie. One in 1 1 children are addicted to technology (Gentile 2009). " Not only is technology harmful in social situations but also from a safety standpoint. "In May of 2011, the World Health Organization classified cell phones, and other wireless devices, as a category B risk (possible carcinogen) due to radiation emission (Who 2011). " Many cell phones today have access to the Internet, which means social networks. Although when used properly these websites are of not harmful, they are not always used appropriately. Social media such as Backbone, Mainstream, and Twitter, can present many complications.

For example, through these websites one is able to hide behind anonymity. When one is not held responsible for their words or actions, what is stopping them from posting negative comments or crude pictures? Absolutely nothing. Despite the negative aspects of our growing technological society, there are endless positive aspects as well. Technology has shaped the way our nation faces challenges. Technology saves lives. As said by Mary Franken, "The advancement of medicine and medical treatments has saved many lives and prevented many illnesses. Even the simple act of dialing 9-1-1 is made possible through technology.

New treatments and cures are being discovered everyday through technology, in turn saving many lives. Technology has also shaped the way our world uses and conserves energy. Technology allows us to find creative alternatives and innovations to using nonrenewable and costly resources. Mary Franken said, "From hybrid vehicles to energy efficient light bulbs, there are ways to save everywhere. One machine can do today what in years past would have taken days to accomplish. " Technology allows people to connect with one another, whether they are living in the same town or opposite sides of the world.

One is able to share his or her past and present while expanding his or her future through the use of social media. Social media provides immediate access to information and news, even global news. Social networks enable businesses across the world to amplify their message in a way that has never been done without these networks. Technology is crucial in schools, for it provides a more efficient way to gather information that is current. Technology has had a great impact on our nation's transportation. Without technology we wouldn't have cars or the mass transit in our cities.