Who toppled the Harappans?
What are two lasting features of the Indus River Valley?
Hinduism and Caste System
What written language did the Aryans develop?
What language was created in the 6th century?
What was the basic foundation of Buddhism?
The Four Noble Truths
The Mauryan dynasty was the first to do what?
They were the first to rule a centralized Indian empire.
Why did the Kushan Kingdom prosper?
They traded along the Silk Road.
Who conquered the Kushans?
The Persians.
When did the Guptas start the new indian dynasty?
320 A.D.
When did the Mauryan dynasty come to power?
324 A.D., after a failed invasion by Alexander the Great.
The Shang Dynasty took over what Dynasty?
The Xia
Under the Zhou what three main things happened during this dynasty?
They improved farming methods, the population growth, and manufacturing and trade increased.
What caused the collapse of the Zhou Dynasty?
Strong states formed with in China that rebelled taking over.
What are the three philosophies formed during the Zhou Dynasty?
Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism was formed.
What did the three philosophies offer path for?
An orderly Society
What dynasty came out of the civil wars that occurred between the Chinese states?
The Qin Dynasty came out of these wars successfully.
When was the period of civil that eventually led to the rise of the Qin Dynasty?
The war occurred from 400-200 BCE.
What did principle did Qin of the Qin Dynasty adopt?
He adopted Legalism.
What military structure began construction during the Qin Dynasty?
The Great Wall of China was created.
How did the government change during the Qin Dynasty's rule?
It became much more centralized and bureaucratic with great Imperial control over the Chinese region.