salvation history
the pattern of specific events in human history in which God clearly reveals his presence and saving action
divine revelation
god's self communication through which he makes known his divine plan. accomplished by trinity
gods manifestation of himself in a visible form to enrich human understanding
original sin
sin of first human beings who disobeyed god and lost their original holiness, fallen state of human nature
a solemn agreement between human beings or between god and a human being in which mutual commitments are made
the father or leader of a tribe, clan or tradition. abraham isaac and jacob
a person god chooses to speak his message of salvation
st therese of lisieux
a carmelite nun, doctor of the church
story of a soul
ways god revealed himself to st therese
the little way
every charitable act, even small things done for god is a manifestation of gods existence - in real and concrete ways
god jesus and holy spirit
sacred tradition
refers to the process of passing on the gospel message. began with communication of gospel by apostles written in scriptures interpreted by magisterium under guidance of holy spirit
apostolic succession
uninterrupted passing on of the apostolic preaching and authority from the apostles directly to all bishops
deposit of faith
the heritage of faith contained in sacred scriptures and sacred tradition
the church's living teaching office which consists of all bishops in communion with the pope
teachings recognized as central to church teaching
a short summary statement of profession of faith. nicene and apostles
primeval history
the time before the intervention of writing and recording of historical data
doctor of the church
a title officially bestowed by the church on saints who are highly esteemed. augustine tomas aquinas therese
venial sin
less serious and reparable by charity. damages our relationship but doesn't destroy it
mortal sin
a grave offense against god that separates us from god's grace and leads to eternal death