John Hinckley
Tried to assassinate Ronald Regan by shooting him in 1981
Geraldine Ferraro
First woman to run for Vice President on the ticket of a major political party
Nelson Mandela
South African leader who was jailed for trying to end apartheid
Sandra day O'Connor
The first woman justice appointed to the Supreme Court
Tiananmen Square
Sure of a peaceful student demonstration in china, hundreds of protestors were killed
Oklahoma City
Home to the federal building where 168 americans were killed by a terrorist bomb
A rebel group in Nicaragua fighting against the Sandinistas
Saddam Hussein
Leader of Iraq who attacked Kuwait
Department of homeland security
Protecting the United States territories
A grand jury investigated Clinton's personal behavior while still president in 1998
George H Bush said he would not raise taxes and he did not
During Clinton's presidency the federal deficient fell and unemployment and influence inflation fell
President Reagan used the House of Representatives to further his conservative policies
Clinton's main issue in the 1992 election was the economy
George H Bush defeated the Panamanian dictator Noriega and won the gulf war
Over the years computers have become smaller cheaper and more powerful
Eastern Europeans and Indians make up the majority of the most recent immigrants to the US
Scientist cannot yet create food that resist insects and diseases
Human genome
The genetic makeup of human beings
A condition in which countries are members of a world community
Greenhouse effect
The process by which heiresses kept warm at all times
Moral Majority
American political organization associated with Christian righ
The use of violence or threats to achieve a goal
The loosening of government controls
To make an exact copy of an organism by duplicating genetic material
Ethnic cleansing
The act of ridding a religion or society of one or more ethnic groups
Federal deficit
The difference produced when the government spends more than it collects during a year