Samuel F.B. Morse
invented telegraph morse code can send messages to distent places
raising one or two crops for sale rather than for personal use
market revolution
economic change where people buy and sell goods rather than make them themselves
an economic system in which private businesses and individuals control production in order to make a profit
someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it
device that could send messages by wire in a few seconds
John Deere
invented the steel plow that helped farmers prepare the land for planting
Cyrus McCormick
invented the mechanical reaper that made it possible for 1 farmer to do the work of 5
Manifest Destiny
belief that God wanted the U.S. to expand West across the continent
Treaty of Fort Laramie
treaty signed in 1851 by the U.S. and Native Americans
Santa Fe Trail
trade route between Missouri to New Mexico
Oregon Trail
trail from Missouri to Oregon
a religious group started by Joseph Smith that migrated west on the Oregon Trail
Brigham Young
Mormon leader who moved the Mormons to Salt Lake City, Utah for safer living
"Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!"
James Polk's campaign slogan that called for the annexation of the Oregon territory
Stephen F. Austin
led Americans in establishing a colony in Texas
land grant
gift of public land to an organization or an individual
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
President of Mexico who fought in the Texas Revolution
Texas Revolution
Texas' war for independence from Mexico
site of one of the most important battles in the Texas Revolution
Sam Houston
captured Santa Anna and was elected the 1st president of the new Republic of Texas
Republic of Texas
independent nation formed after Texas defeated Mexico in the Texas Revolution
attach; take possession of
James K. Polk
11th United States president who wanted a war with Mexico to bring the US more lands
Zachary Taylor
the 12th president of the United States and American whig general in the war with Mexico
Stephen Kearney
American general in the war with Mexico who took control of the Republic of California
Republic of California
nation declared by the Americans after defeating the Mexicans
Winfield Scott
American general in the War with Mexico who captured Mexico City the capital
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
treaty signed in 1848 by the US and Mexico to end the war
Gadsden Purchase
In 1853,U.S. bought more land from Mexico that established the US-Mexican border
people who came to California searching for gold.
gold rush
movement of people migrating to a place where gold has been found