suspicion of foreign born people
fear of foreigners
pulling away from world affairs
an economic and political system that supports government control over property to create equality
people who oppose any form of government
Sacco and Vanzetti
anarchists who were arrested for robbery and murder in Massachusetts. Their execution was based on a fear of foreigners
quota system
a limit on how many immigrants from each country could enter the U.S. each year
John L. Lewis
president of United Mine Workers who got miners higher wages
Warren G. Harding
29th president
Charles Evans Hughes
Secretary of State under Harding who urged the US, England, Japan, France and Italy to disarm or reduce their weapons
Fordney-McCumber Tariff
placed a high tax on imports making it impossible for England and France to sell their goods in the US.
Ohio gang
Harding's cabinet members that caused problems
Teapot Dome scandal- Albert B. Hall
(Harding's secretary of interior) secretly leased oil rich land owned by the government to oil companies and received the money and property in return
Calvin Coolidge
30 th president who favored government policies that promoted business and limited government interference
urban sprawl
cities expanding in all directions
installment plan
easy way to borrow money to buy goods
"Red Scare"
a fear of communism swept the country
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
was set up by Attorney General Mitchell Palmer (Palmer Raids) to arrest communist, socialists, and anarchists
Kellogg-Briand Pact
64 nations agreed they would give up war as national policy
income gap
As businesses grew, business managers made more money than workers did