What was America's policy towad Latin America, as expressed in 1823?
Monroe Doctrine
Who was the French emperor who tried to build an empire in Mexico?
Emperor Napoleon III
Whom did Emperor Napoleon III set on the throne in Mexico?
Archduke Maximilian of Austria
Who demanded that the Grench withdraw their troops during the war?
William Seward
What was America's first controversy with Britain?
What did the United States and Britain enter into in 1871?
the Treaty of Washington
What is the settlement of a dispute by a person or persons chosen to hear both sides and come to a decision?
What was the important result of the conference called by James G. Blaine in 1889?
the Pan-American Union
Who called the conference (the Pan-American Union) in 1889?
James G. Blaine
What was the Pan-American Union replaced by in 1970?
the Organization of American States
Who was especially eager to see the United States expand beyond its borders?
William Seward
What did many Americans refer to Alaska as? (two answers)
"Seward's Folly" and "Seward's Ice Box"
When did Alaska become the forty-ninth state to join the Union in 47 years?
Where was gold found in Alaska?
What did Americans that wer engaged in international commerce become interested in?
the Samoan Islands
Where did Americans arrange to establish a coaling station for steam-powered ocean vessels?
Pago Pago, Tutuila
What was the first U.S. possessions outside the North American continent?
American Samoa
Who discovered the Hawaiian Islands?
Captain James Cook
In 1875, what did the United States and Hawaii enter into? (an agreement beneficial to both parties)
a reciprocal trade agreement
Where, in 1887, was the United States granted the right to establish a naval base?
Pearl Harbor
Who in 1891 disapproved of the infulence of the white settlers in Hawaii?
Queen Liliuokalani
When did the Hawaiian Islands become annexed to the United States by a joint resolution of the two houses of Congress?
What became the fiftieth state and when did it become the fiftieth state?
Hawaii in 1959
What was Cuba known as by 1825?
Pearl of the Antilles
Who found it nearly impossible to stop the revolutiuonaries, who used the guerrilla warfare tactice of hdiing in scattered bands?
General Weyler
What did Weyler issue that commanded that all Cubans who were not fighting be collected in camps and kept under Spanish guard?
a reconcentration order
The author of the Journal, William Randolph Hearst, printed what sensation and sometimes unfounded stories?
yellow journalism
What U.S. battleship was sunk on February 15?
The Maine
What saying did the United States resound when the Maine sunk?
"Remeber the Maine!"
What was expressed that stated "that the United States discalsim any intention of control over said island except for the pacification theor, and asserts its determination, when that is accomplished, to leave the government and the control of the island to its people." ?
the Teller Amendment
What was the scene of the first important action of the Spanish-American War?
the Philippine Islands
Where was a large Spanish fleet stationed? (In the Philippine Islands)
Manila Bay
Who was teh U.S. Pacific fleet, stationed in Hong Kong, under the command of?
Commodore George Dewey
Who sent orders to Dewey that if war should be declared, he should proceed to the Philippine Islands and "capture or destroy" the Spanish fleet?
Theodore Roosevelt
Who was the U.S. Atlantic fleet, stationed in the Caribbean, under the command of?
Rear Admiral William T. Sampson
Who commanded the Spanish Atlantic fleet?
Admiral Cervera
Who sank one of their own ships, the Merrimac, in a narrow channel leading to the harbor, to blockade the entrance to the harbor so that the Spanish fllet would have no chance of escape?
Lieutenant Richard Hobson
Where did invading forces begin a march on June 30th?
Among the invading forces that began a march on Santiage, who was amoung them?
a group known as the Rough Riders
Who was the Rough Riders under the command of?
Colonel Leonard Wood and Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt
On July 1st, the Americans took El Caney, and on the same day, the Rough Riders played a valiant part in the charge against where?
San Juan Hill
After the fall of Santiago, General Miles lead a U.S. Army invasion of where?
Puerto Rico
By terms of the armistice, Spain agreed to surrender the control of where and to cede what two places to the United States?
Cuba, and to cede Puerto Rico and Guam
The armistice stupulated that American forces would occupy where unti lthe final destiny of the Philippines should be decided at the formal peace conference to be held in Paris?
How much did the United States pay Spain for the Philippines?
$20 million
The U.S. Senate ratified the what on February 6th, 1899?
the Treaty of Paris
Under whose command did the American army occupy Cuba for four years?
Gerenal Leonard Wood
In the 1880s, what Cuban physiucian had theorized that mosquitos carried disease?
Dr. Carlos Finlay
In 1901, what did the U.S. Congress attch to an army appropriations bill?
the Platt Amendment
Where did the United States maintain control if its strategic naval base in 1934?
Guantanamo Bay
When were United States-Cuban relations destroyed when Communist Fidel Castro seized control of the Cuban government?
What Communist siezed control of the Cuban government in 1959?
Fidel Castro
What Philippinean leader was capture in 1901?
Who did President McKinley send a second commission under in 1901?
William Howard Taft
Who became the first civil governor of the Philippines?
William Howard Taft
What did Congress adopt in 1916 that abolished the appointed commission and allowed the Philippine voters to elect a senate as well as the assembly?
the Jones Act
In 1934, what did Congress adopt that proiveded that the Philippines were to become independent in 1946?
the Tydings-McDuffie Act
When were the Phillippines to become independent according to the Tydings-McDuffie Act?
Who were the American forces led by during the fight for Philippine Indepence?
General Douglas MacArthur
The United States continued to give help to the Philippines after what was established?
the Republic of the Philippines
What act did Congress pass in 1900 that led to Puerto Rico to becoming a commonwealth of the United States?
the Foraker Act
What act in 1917 granted the people of Puerto Rico American citizenship?
the Jones Act (not the same as the Jones Act which applied to the Philippines)
What did the Jones Act of 1917 do for the Puerto Ricans?
provided American citizenship
When did Puerto Rico become a self-governing commonwealth of the United States?
What was Puerto Rico able to greatly expand its marker for in 1900?
sugar, coffee, and fruits
What program greatly benefited the Puerto Rican economy?
"Operation Bootstrap"
In the case that the Constitution does not necessarily follow the flag is known as what?
the Insular Cases
In what ear did Guam become a territory of the United States?
What place has served for many years as an important U.S. air and naval base in the Pacific?