How much money did Delaney offer Candido after hitting him?
What does the "Tortilla Curtain" mean?
The America-Mexican border
When Delaney hits Candido, is he worried about Candido or his car's condition?
Car's condition
Where was Delaney heading when he hit Candido?
The recycling plant
What is the reason that Delaney tells Kyra not to worry about Candido?
He is Mexican
What is the neighborhood called Delaney and Kyra live in?
Arroyo Blanco
True or false: The canyon in which Candido and America live is called Palos Dias?
What is Jordan Mossbacher addicted to?
Video games
What nationality is the lady named Mary that America meets at the labor exchange?
What part of the dog does Delaney retrieve
What animal is a symbol for Mexican immigration?
The unofficial leader of the labor exchange is
Candelario Perez
Is one of the teenagers rampaging on the Rincon's campsite Jack Jardine Jr.?
Who rapes America?
Jose Navidad