how old is the narrator in the story?
what is the narrator's cousins name?
what does everyone think of Mourad besides Aram?
that he's crazy
what does Aram see when he wakes up from his cousin tapping on the window?
Mourad riding a horse
why does Aram have a hard time believing that his cousin is on a horse
they are too poor to afford a horse
what are the Garoghlanian tribe known for?
their honesty
Does Aram think Mourad stole the horse?
he doesnt want to think he did
when does Aram consider that stealing the horse would actually be stealing?
once they try to sell it
what street do they live on?
Walnut Ave.
what does Mourad do once they start riding?
What does every family have?
a crazy streak
who is believed to be the descendant of the crazy streak?
who was the crazy streak before Mourad?
Uncle Khosrove
how does Uncle Khosrove stop anyone from talking?
by roaring it is no harm pay no attention to it
what did Uncle Khosrove's son run to the barber shop to tell his father?
that their house was on fire
In their tribe, a man could be the father of his son's flesh but that did not necessarily mean what?
That he was also the father of the son's spirit
why does Mourad tell his cousin to get down?
he want to ride by himself
what happens when he lets his cousin ride by himself?
the horse runs through the vineyard and throws the cousin off
where do they hide the horse?
in an abandoned barn in the old vineyard
what does Mourad have with the horse that allows him to ride the horse so well?
an understanding with the horse
who comes to their house for a visit that afternoon?
John Byro, the owner of the horse
what is Mourad doing when Aram comes running?
he is repairing the wing of a robin
how long had Mourad had the white horse?
a month
when does Aram want his cousin to take the horse back?
only after he's learned how to ride
how long does Mourad say they can keep the horse at the latest?
six months
who do the boys run into with the horse one day?
John Byro
what does Mourad say the name of the horse is?
My Heart in Armenian
what does John Byro ask to do to the horse?
look in its mouth
what does Byro say about the horse and the boys?
that it is the twin of his old horse but they couldnt have stolen it because their family is known for their honesty
what does John Byro say about the horse when he finally gets it back?
its stronger than ever and is better tempered too
what does Uncle Khosrove say to Byro after his horse is returned?
Quiet your horse is returned pay no attention to it