Chronicle the list of Beautiful women before Buttercup.

Annette, Aluthra, and Adela Terral
Who is the farm boy, and what is his connection to Buttercup?
The farm boy, or Westly, works for Buttercup and her parents.
How does the farm boy respond to Buttercups requests?
Anything that Buttercup ask for him to do, he responds "As you wish"
When the villiage boys bother Buttercup, wo comes to her aid?
The farm boy, or Westly, would emerge silently from his hovel and thrash a few, sendign them all fleeing.
Why do you believe he wants to help her?
Because he loves her
The narrator mentions that there is a turning point in Buttercups life. What is the turning point?
When a rich man rode out of his way to see her.
How does Buttercup describe Westley?
She said he had eyes like the sea before a storm, pale blonde hair, broad enough in the shoulders, muscular, his skin was perfect and tan, tall, flat stomached, and he had good teeth
How does Westley feel about Buttercup?
He's madly in lover with her and has been for a very long time
How do Westley and Buttercup leave one another?
With a beautiful good- bye kiss, highest ranking kiss in history at the time
What great surprise takes place towards the end of the chapter?
The ship to America, which Westley was on, was captured by pirates and all of the passengers were killed.