In what years did the Salem Witch Trials occur?
What historic book prompted the witch hunts?
Holy Bible
conducted by supersticious villagers to get rid of enemies
How do you prove someone was a witch?
the devil's teet, piercing the mark, swimming a witch
what was the inquistion?
Popes giving people permission to kill anyone involved with the devil
What group of people settled in Massachusetts for religious reasons?
Where was the first witch hunt in America conducted?
Who investigated the case of Goodwife Glover?
Cotton Mather
Why was Salem particularly vulnerable to witch hunts?
cut off from main town, uneducated, lived by the woods
What were Puritans always looking for signs of?
How were women expected to act in 1692?
silent, submissive to husband, mother to children
How did land disputes contribute to tension in Salem?
merchants and farmers fought over land and accused one of being involved with the devil to resolve argument
Where/Whose house did the Salem witch trials begin?
Reverand Samuel Paris's kitchen
How did Tibuta entertain the girls she cared for?
told tales of magic and horror. demonstrated voodoo tricks
What was the doctor's explanation for the girls' odd behavior?
spiritual cause, witchcraft
What people did the girl's blame?
Tibuta, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osbourne
Why were Sarah Good and Sarah Osbourne targets of witchcraft?
Sarah Good was a town begger. Sarah Osbourne married an indentured servant. They did not attend church.
Why was spectral evidence dangerous?
There was only one witness and no real proof
Who was the Magistrate in charge of the trial?
John Hathhorn
How many witches did Tibuta say signed the book?
How did status or standing in the community play a role in the Salem Witch Trials?
when those of higher status were accused it created fear
What did Rev. Barrows recite before he was hung?
the Lord's prayer from beggining to end
How many years later to Salem recongnize the trials as a mistake?
5 years later
How did the witch trials affect modern ideas about American justice?
innocent until proven guilty