Why is Narmer a legendary hero in ancient Egyptian history?
*was an Eygptian king/pharoah that united all the villages along the Nile
Many people and many area under 1 government
The role of Egyptian pharaohs differ from the role of Mesopotamian rulers
Mesopotamian kings were people but were the go between the gods and people Egypt kings - were gods
Why did the Egyptians build great pyramids for their kings
The pyramids were built to contain the dead bodies or pharaohs
Great Pyramids of Giza
pharaoh Khufu is beat known for building this famous Egyptian landmark
How did Egyptian religious beliefs compare to Mesopotamian
Egyptians believed in the after-life and mummified bodies in preparation of after life Mesopotamian didn't believe in after life
What social classes made up Egyptian society
Top - kings/queens/pharaohs Upper - wealthy landlords,government officials Middle - merchants, artisans lower- peasants, farmers, laborers bottom - slaves
What were significant achievements of the Egyptian in science and technology
yearly calendars, geometry, hieroglyphics, paper
How did the writing Egyptian writing compare to Mesopotamian writing
hieroglyphics were similar to cuneiform
The main purpose of the pyramids of Egypt was to function as _____?
The cataracts along the Nile are similar to...
Ancient Egypt was protected by natural barriers formed by the .....
The theocracy of ancient Egypt was a belief in the divinity of .....
the pharaohs
The process of mummification was connected to the Egyptian belief in ....
An afterlife
Papyrus was used as a surface for the Egyptians writing systems called ...
The legendary figure Narmer is famous for being
a boy king
ruled Egypt as god-kings
The type of government which rule is based on religious authority
building in which Egyptians were buried
process which bodies were preserved
Egyptian writing system
used by Egyptians as a writing surface
Nile River - benefits
flooding brought water and rich soil for farming
Nile River - problems
low flood water reduced crops high flood water destroyed houses, garden and seed
Deserts on sides of Nile - benefits
kept out invaders
Deserts on side of Nile - problems
reduced interaction with other people