A nurse is documenting findings from a physical examination. Which of the following statements indicates correct charting?
Regular heart rate and rhythm: S1, S2 heard. This is clear, concise charting for heart sounds.
When performing an otoscopy examination on a 2-year old child, the nurse should pull the pinna
down and back This is the correct technique for straightening an ear canal of a 2 year old because it curves upward.
A nurse is testing a child for strabismus. Which of the following is the correct technique fro performing this examination?
perform the cover-uncover test This test identifies whether a child has strabismus or nonbinocular vision.
When assessing a school age child for scoliosis, it is important to have the child?
bend forward with the knees straight and the arms dangling. This position allows for any adequate visualization of any asymmetry.
A nurse is performing an annual physical examination on an adolescent. Which of the following should be included in the general survey?
the patient makes good eye contact This information is included in the general survey. The survey includes identifying the patients demeanor, mood and interactions with others.
Which of the following communication techniques is most appropriate fro a nurse to employ during the physical examination of a 10 year old?
Use books and other visual aids to advance the interview
A nurse is examining an 18-month-old child ears during a well child visit. Which of the following techniques should the nurse use?
have the parent hold the child securely in their lap. The parents lap is the most secure and safe position for a child.
A nurse is obtaining a problem-oriented history from a preschool-aged child. The nurse should consider that children form this age group typically can?
describe the symptoms Preschoolers are usually able to describe symptoms to their problems.
Which of the following techniques is appropriate when obtaining a blood pressure on a child?
Use a cuff with bladder covering 80 to 100% of the arm circumference
A nurse is performing an abortion examination on a preschooler. Which of the following instructions should the nurse give to the child when performing abdominal palpitation
Place your hand under mine Allowing the child to touch her abdomen during the examination will promote relaxation.