In approximately what year did the baroque period begin?
Which of the following statements is true of Bernini's sculpture David Slaying Goliath?
Bernini captures David in the very moment he is slinging a stone at the giant who has challenged the Jews.
Caravaggio's painting The Conversion of St. Paul...
shows stark contrasts between light and dark, in keeping with baroque style.
How long was a typical workday for a member of the working class during the baroque period?
16 hours
Which of the following were among the forms of entertainment enjoyed by the poor and working classes?
Gambling Musicians and storytellers Cockfighting
Which of the following works of art were used to express the power and glory of the Catholic Church?
The Conversion of St. Paul, by Caravaggio David Slaying Goliath, by Bernini
Arias became the focal point of operas because they...
are more expressive than recitative.
Which of the following terms does not describe some aspect of a system for improvising an accompaniment?
Why were castrati used in baroque music?
Because in some regions it was not appropriate for women to sing in public.
The earliest surviving Italian opera is...
The choral music of an opera tends to be homophonic because...
it is easier for the audience to understand the words when they are sung by a group.
Greek legends or Roman history were usually used as stories upon which to base baroque operas. Why?
Because stories of contemporary life and events were not considered important enough for opera.
Figured bass is...
a type of musical shorthand that is written under or beside the bass line.
What is a libretto?
The text of an opera
Jean-Baptiste Lully headed the group that created and supported a distinctive style of French opera. Where was Lully born?
Which of the following statements about monody is not true?
Ancient Greek actors were the first to sing in the monodic style.
Which of the following statements regarding recitative is not true?
When vocal recitative is accompanied by basso continuo in addition to other instruments, it is called secco recitative.
Who composed Dido and Aeneas?
Henry Purcell
Opera emerged in Italy around what time?
Camerata is Italian for...
society of friends.
Cantatas usually conclude with...
a four-part setting of a chorale melody.
Which statement is not true?
Cantatas are usually three hours in length.
Which statement about Martin Luther's chorale melodies is true?
J. S. Bach enhanced Luther's chorale melodies by resetting them into more complex compositions.
How many sacred Bach cantatas have been preserved?
Sacred cantatas were performed in which setting?
In churches.
Which of the following is true of oratorio?
An oratorio is longer than a sacred cantata.
Which statement about Handel's Messiah is not true?
Messiah was a failure when it was first performed.
Why do people stand up when the "Hallelujah" chorus of Messiah is sung?
Because King George II was so moved by the opening of the chorus that he stood up during its performance.
In what way is an oratorio like an opera?
It includes an orchestra.