Europe and Africa
Folk songs in America come from which two primary sources?
Love and the Crusades.
Common themes in Medieval troubadour songs include:
Both traditional Roman Catholic Church music and many contemporary African-American churches.
Responsorial singing, common in folk music, can also be found in:
Became the basic structure for much twentieth century popular music.
The twelve-bar blues chord progression:
Both allowed a number of sub-genres of rock to develop and find sustainable markets and Permanently eclipsed both classical music and jazz in popularity.
The overwhelming popularity of rock and roll:
Aaron Copland
American composer noted for his ballet music based on American themes, and for establishing a recognizable American style of music.
Popular song
Songs written for the purpose of mass consumption by the general public.
Sea chantey
A type of folk song associated with seafaring work.
Both the development of the song cycle and making the piano an equal partner with the voice rather than just a vehicle for harmonic accompaniment
Schubert elevated the art song to a genre of larger significance partly through:
They often exist without an original, written version to document their origin.
Tracing the history of folk songs can be difficult because: