"Since in a net I seek to hold the wind"
• Whoso List to Hunt (Thomas Wyatt)• Metaphor• His task/what he is trying to do is futile. A net has holes, and thus holding the wind in it is impossible
"I fly above the wind, yet can I not arise"
• I Find No Peace (Thomas Wyatt)• Metaphor• Speaker has the ability to move freely but doesn't
"I cannot crouch nor kneel nor do so great a wrong/ To worship them like God on earth alone / That are as wolves these sely lams among"
• Mine Own John Poins (Thomas Wyatt)• Simile • Comparing those in power to wolves among lambs.

They prey on the weaker innocent

Invention, Nature's Child, fled step-dame Study's blows"
• Loving In Truth... (Sidney)• metaphor• Invention is bing compared to a child and Nature a mother while Study is a step mother. Invention avoids the "blows" the step-mother Study- as creativity/original poetry comes naturally not by studying the work of others.

"While with a feeling skill I paint my hell"
• Not at first sight... (Sidney)• metaphor• feelings are being compared to a paintbrush- as the narrator uses them to describe his hell like a painter would use his brush to make the picture
"Come not between the dragon and his wrath"
• King Lear (Shakespeare)• metaphor• Lear is comparing himself to a dragon and his wrath is as dangerous as the fire that a dragon breathes.

He is saying stay back or else get burned/damaged

"Man's life's as cheap as beast's"
• King Lear (Shakespeare)• Simile• Man's life is as worthless as a beasts
" As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods /They kill us for their sport"
• King Lear (Shakespeare)• Simile• The gods treat us with as much reverence as boys treat flies. We are irrelevant to them and they get joy out of killing us off
"When we are born, we cry that we are come /To this great stage of fools"
• King Lear (Shakespeare)• Metaphor• Life is being compared to a stage and people to fools. In the play, the fool is knowledgable yet powerless to stop Lear from making mistakes. As we all are in life.
"The flea is you and I and this, /Our marriage bed and marriage temple is"
• The Flea (Donne)• Metaphor• The flea's body is being used as a metaphor for the temple of marriage.

Because in the flea, their bloods have mixed.

"I, like an usurped town, to another due /Labor to admit you, but O, to no end"
• Holy Sonnet 14 (Donne)• Simile• His heart is being compared to a town that has been seized and belongs to someone other than him so he is having trouble letting God into his heart as he would have trouble letting a stranger into his captured town no matter how hard he tries
"How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is /To have a thankless child!"
• Lear (Shakespeare)• Simile• A thankless child is as painful as a serpent's bite. The initial pain is not bad, but like the poison that runs through blood after a snake bite the impact of a thankless child hurts more once its set in
"But yet though are my flesh, my blood, my daughter /Or rather a disease that's in my flesh
• Lear (Shakespeare)• metaphor• His daughters are poison/dangerous to him yet they are also a part of him.
"Down from the waist they are centaursthough women all abovebut to the girdle god's inheritbeneath is all the fiends'
• Lear (Shakespeare)• metaphor• Saying below the waist, women are beasts- their sexuality is gross
"Come away, lets to prisonWe two alone will sing like birds i' the cage"
• Lear (Shakespeare)• Simile• Lear has a fantasy that prison will be fun, a safe place for them to watch the troubles of the world. Business as usual/happiness = thats why birds sing
• "heart in pilgrimage"• "God's breath"• "Church's banquet"• "Soul in paraphrase"
• Prayer (1) Herbert • All metaphors for prayer:• like a heart's spiritual journey• prayer originally came from god not from man so you are just releasing it back to him• Nourishment for soul and community• Word summary of all that is deep inside and can't fully articulate
The Gods are just, and of our pleasant vicesMake instruments to plague us
• Lear (Shakespeare)• metaphor• Gods use our vices to punish us.

Its like taking candy and then choking on it. Gloucester's eyes wandered 30 years ago when he cheated and now he lost his eyes• vices = bad habits• instruments = play