Egypt and Mesppotamia
Consumed by everyone Rich and Poor Used as religious ceremonies
Neolithic Period
Beer was a reason for people to adopt agriculture It was a discovery rather than an invention
Social drink from a shared vessel Edible Money: Solid and Liquid Forms Religious Offerings Medicinal qualities Wages for worker
Greece & Rome
Greece: Background
Better known for their wine Mountainous=> Grape vines are more accomadating Symbol of civilization Originally exotic and scarce. SOCIAL CLASS
When it was Drunk?
Symposia, Public Meetings and Debates Drink wine to express yourself more freely
Who drank what?
Beer: the masses Wine: Conveyed POWER, PRESTIGE, & PRIVILEGE
Medicinally: Clean wounds Symposia
Roman Wine
Greeks settle southern peninusla and begin viticulture Romans combine Greek influence Ship grain from North Africa and focus on Viticulture
Social Wine
Symbol of social differentiation where the brand of wine mattered Sine becomes standard in society All people even slave drink wine
Global Processes
Inportance of Geography, climate and locale Long Distance trade Rie and fall of epires Movement of nomadic people Spread of Religion
Rum symbolized Triumpha and Opression
Originated in Cordoba byt the Arabs Originally: Form of Medicine Believed to have therapueutic powers becaue it burns and has a warming quality
The idea spread via th eprinting press
The Carribean had large sugar plantations Distilled the sugar to create Rum Used as currency for slave payment
Sailors drank Watered doown rum
Why Rum vs Beer and Wine
Doesn't spoil Spirits have a higher alcohol content Take up less cargo space
Original Europe
Beer was drunk in the North Wine was drunk in the South Beer and wine expire on long voyages
Popularity in Colonies
Led to New England distilling Led to Trade wars=>Molassses act, Sugar Act, etc
Whiskey Rebellion
Tax on distilled spirits
Spread of Tecnology Exploration Use of Arab Technology spread of disease Slavery Trade relationships Revolution
Functioned as information exchanges for scientists, businessmen, writers, and politicians
Origins Coffee
Originated in Arab World and spread to Europe Controversy: Some said it had rational enquiry and medicinal Others: Women felt threatened, supposed deleterious effect on male potency
Coffee Houses
Social differences left at the door Eschange news Specialize in particular topics: ex: commercial ideas
Government reaction
Try to supress coffeehouses b/c: promote freedom of speech and open atmosphere
Arabs had monopoly on beans=>Dutch were middle persons and set up coffee plantations in Java and Suriname French: Haiti and West Indies
B/c of drunkenness caused by wine, Muhammad banned wine Encouraged drinking of coffee
Impreialism, industrialization, world domination
Medicinal Good=>Trade Item=>Spread of Buddhism
Purpose Tea
Meicinal qualities known to kill bacteria Spread to Japan: Tea ceremony was a sign of satus and culture
Tea in Europe
Before coffe, more expensive and denoted LUXURY and used as MEDICINAL
Trade silver for Tea Trade opium for silver
High Culture
Marriages, tea shops for women, tea parties, afternoon tea.
Working Class
Tea breaks reduce waterborne diseases Increase in infant survival rates. More labor pool
Availability of tea and paraphernalia(random items)
Tea Overview
Spread of REligion Global processes of Trade Disease prevention Rise of the WEst Impreialism
Initially a medicinal beverage Soda water: found in soda fountains in APOTHECARIES
French wine & Coca & Kola extract Non-alcoholic version becaue of temperance movement Added to existing soda fountains
Let go of Meicinal claims
Increase soldier morale by supplying familiar drink to them abroad Bottling plants set up, following soldiers Coke=Patriotism
Pepsi vs Coke Capitalism vs "Iron Curtain"
Overview Coke
Golbalization Industrialization Mass transportation Mass consumerism golbal capitalism Cold War Ideological battles