Pranab Kaku Chakraborty,
A fellow Bengali,From a wealthy familyLight of her mothers life then love of her mother, Took pictures of Boudi and UshaFirst Thankgiving was the first meal he had with Ushas family one MayEventually brakes her mothers heart by marrying Deborah, a student from RadcliffeCalls Ushas mother BoudiInitially has an assistantship at MIT, Has two daughters, Bonny and Sarah(Srabini and Sabitri)Later divorces Deborah after having an affair with another married Bengali woman.Is he oblivious to Boudi's affections early in the story? perhapsIs he oblivious to people of other social standing? At least partially
Hell Haven
The story of a girl growing up in Boston with a traditional Indian mother and father
Part of an arranged marraige, Is a traditionalist Indian mother, Falls in love with Pranab a stranger to the family who acts like a favorite brother in law, Almost torches herself with lighter fluid after Pranab marries the american girl Deborah, only tell Usha about thisIs confided in by Deborah after divorce from PranabLater goes to school to become a librarian at 50Why suicide attempt? heartbrokenWhy did she tell Usha abt suicide attempt? she wants her to know that she is not alone in her dispairWhat is good about her telling Usha abt suicide attempt? She shows Usha that she truly cares about her but also shows Usha that though she is her mother, she is human too
Daughter of Shymal Da and Aparna(Boudi)Struggles to be non traditionalist daughterValiantly defies her mother
Shymal Da
Father of UshaTraditionalistSeems totally different from Aparna, his wifeIn later years grows closer to his wife