1. Despite its high reach, which media typically provides the least depth of news coverage?
2. Which media source is most critical in setting news agendas
3. According to the text, which media is most important but NOT the most popular source of news?

According to the text, daily internet users who participate in society and politics through online activities are called what?

Digital Citizens
5. Approximately what percent of Americans are completely offline?
6. What reasons do Americans have for preferring online news?
Pg 185Convenience-always availableCurrency-news breaks first and immediate onlineDepth-more information than in 60 secondsDiversity-may increase political knowledge and interest
11. Is Free media needed to ensure economic equality?

What trend has helped accelerate the trend of less variety in national news in the past decade?

8. The media can set the political agenda in the U.S by...

Identifying an issue that must be resolved
9. What organization regulates broadcast media?
Federal Communications Commission pg 191
10. Did the Telecommunications Act of 1996 require broadcasters who air programs on controversial issues provide time for opposing views?
Fairness Doctrine pg 192