describe the relationship between citizens and the government
The main purpose of a written constitution, regardless of the political system to which it applies is to
Europeans had more advanced technology
Europeans were able to dominate much of south and southeast Asia in the 19th and 20th centuries primarily because
foreign domination
Both the Taiping Rebellion and Boxer Rebellion attempted to rid China of
fail to meet the political power and economic needs of their people
A study of revolutions would most likely lead to the conclusion that pre-revolutionary governments
democratic governments protect basic civil liberties
Which generalization about democracy is most valid? (What do demorcracy's protect?)
the American and French Revolutions
During the early 1800s, which was a mjor influence on the struggles for political independence in Latin America?
concentration of power in small groups of landowners
In many Latin American nations, a major effect of colonial rule has been the (where was power concentrated)
competing for raw materials and markets
After 1880, European nations sought colonies in Africa primarily because the Europeans were
governments should protect basic rights of people
European political thinkers who supported the Enlightenment believed that
John Locke
"We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal, that they were endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Who would have agreed with this?
cultural influences of Spanish and Portuguese
In Latin America that development of the social class structure was most strongly affected by the
In Latin America, Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin were leaders who worked for what?
strong nationalistic feelings led to many new nations
Which was a major political change in Latin America in the 19th century? (what was created)
access to the Mediterranean Sea
Throughout the 1800s, Russia was interested in acquiring Turkey because Russia wanted
struggle between classes in society
According to Karl Marx, history is the record of
Europeans had more military technology
Why were European nations able to conquer large sections of Africa in the 19th century and early 20th century?
contact with western nations encouraged Japan to industrialize
In Japanese history, what was the impact of Meiji Restoration?
In Latin America what type of leader usually took power when military leaders seized power?
increase in size and influence of the middle class
A major result of the Industrial Revolution in Europe was (and increase in what and influence of what?)
The Opium Wars were an example of what type of government?
gain independence from Great Britain
What was the primary goal of the Indian National Congress?
because European powers had split up Africa
Why did cultural and ethnic diversity of African people get disregarded in the 1800s?
Atlantic Slave Trade
The influence of African culture on some areas of Latin America was largely a result of
Persecuted minority best explains the position of who under Czarist Russia?
respect for individual rights
What factor is necessary for the development of democratic constitutions?
people born in Spain and their descendants
During the Latin American colonial period, political and economic power in most colonies under Spanish rule was held primarily by
an ongoing class struggle between the rich and the poor
In his writing, Karl Marx maintained that history is primarily
Industrial Revolution
Nations became more interdependent because of what?
laws of nature and reason
What did Enlightenment writers and philosophers believe government decisions should be based on?
middle class gained political influence
In France, what was a major result of the French Revolution?
absolute monarchy
What term best describes Russia's political system before the 20th century?
rise of nationalistic movements
In a number of European countries in the 1800s, which situation occured as a result of the influence of the French Revolution? (what kind of movements)
strengthen Britain's political and economic control in India
Why did British government build railroads, schools, and irrigation systems in India? (IT WASNT JUST TO BE NICE)
foreign influences
The Boxer Rebellion in the early 20th century was an attempt to remove what from China?
they faced lots of discrimination and persecution
Why did Jews leave Russia in the late 1800s?
Karl Marx believed that a proletarian revolution was more likely to occur as a society became more
structure of society changed and included a growing working class
What was a result of the Industrial Revolution in England during the 19th century? (HINT: more factory workers)
technological and military superiority of European nations
What was the major factor that enabled Western Europe to dominate large parts of Asia and Africa in the 19th and early 20th century?
noninvolvement of the government in the economy
What does the theory of laissez-faire advocate?
improved transportation and communication?
What was a major effect of European rule in Africa?
Workers will change working conditions by revolutionary means
Which statement best reflects the theories of Karl Marx and Frederich Engels?
place the interests of the group before the interests of the invdividual
Communist philosophy teaches that people should