the number of fatalities from the Mr. Pinatubo eruption was realtively low because
the eruption was predicted successfully and the area was evacuated
seismic activity serves as a tool of volcanic forecasting because
moving magma in the sub-surface causes small earthquakes
why is the geologic history of a volcano important in hazard prediction
the geologic history reveals the frequency and the type of eruption
why is topographic monitoring sometimes useful in forecasting a volcanic eruption
a volcano sometimes swells as lava moves into it
the eruption of Mt._______ in 1991 killed over 20 scientists and journalists with pyroclastic flows
viscosity of magma is controlled by
temperature and silicon content of the magma
the shape of shield volcanoes is a function of
lava viscosity
why do composite volcanoes consist of alternating lava and pyroclastic layers
composite cones are created by a mixture of pyroclastic debris and lava flows