According to the text, what is the main benefit of a constitutional government?
The government is limited y the rule of law
Before the eighteenth century
governments rarely sought the support of their people
Which of the following is not an example of a totalitarian regime?
The United Kindgom
Of the nearly 200 governments in the world, what is the estimate of the number of actual constitutional democracies?
The demand that there be taxation with representation is a good example of what political reform of the eighteenth century?
more popular influence on government
Why did the Progressives support women's suffrage in the early twentieth?
The progressives believed women would support their reform movement
According to the text, what is the goal of politics?
to have a say in a government's leadership, organization, and policies
Direct democracy is best defined as
a system that allows citizens to vote directly for laws and policies
Having some share or say in the composition of a government's leadership, how it is organized, or what its policies are gong to be is called
The _____ is the most important concept for the theory of pluralism
The of the following statements about the United States Census is most accurate?
Who is counted by the census and how they are categorized by race and ethnicity have changed significantly throughout American history.
How does the United States Constitution create a system that underrepresents urban areas?
It provides each state with two senators regardless of population.
Throughout American history, the concept of liberty has been linked to the
idea of limited government
The Bill of Rights is the
first ten amendments to the Constitution
In American political culture, economic freedom means
The Constitution's Preamble, beginning with the words "We the People," is an illustration of what principle?
popular sovereignty
The fact that the tax code in the United States is more advantageous to wealthy citizens that that of almost any other Western nation supports the claim that
Americans generally tolerate economic inequality
Which of the following statements is true?
The United States has a greater gap in income between the poorest and richest that any other developed nation.
Which of the following statements about property restrictions on the right to vote in the United States is true?
Property restrictions on the right to vote were in effect early i the country's history but were eliminated by 1828
In____, the _____ secured the right to vote for African Americans.
1965, Voting Right Act
Over the past several decades, the public's belief that elected officials are what people like them think has declined
Constitutional democracies were often found throughout ancient Greece
Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union are both example of autocracies
When a single ruler controls all government power, it is called an oligarchy
The proletariat was the key social force leading to limited government during the eighteenth century
Because of the United States' diversity of races, ethnicities, and religions, Americans do not share a common political culture
The principle of "one person, one vote" summarizes the idea of liberty
Many of the most critical dilemmas of american politics involve conflicts over the way commonly held values are put into practices
The United States has never accepted the principle of popular sovereignty
Property restrictions on the right to vote were eliminated in 1920
Which of the following statements best describes the history of American federalism?
Throughtout American history, there has been considerable debate about the allocation of responsibilities between the states and the federal government.
The United States, Canada, and Switzerland can all be described as ___ systems of government while France can be described as a _____system of government
federal; unitary
The specific powers granted to the national government in Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution are called the
expressed powers