angry; hostile; ready to fight
What is the highest mountain on earth
Mount Everest
What happened to Cicero's toes?
amputated due to frostbite
What did Chris wish to take from the bottom of the Earth to the top?
his vial of Dead Sea sand
What was the purpose of the Summit Quest to do this expedition?
Why was Tilt worried about getting cut?
He had been mouthing off to Cicero
How did Cicero notify climbers that they had been cut?
Yellow post-its on lockers
Why did Cicero decide not to cut Dominic in the first round of cuts?
He had great lung capacity
Who did Cicero think had vandalized the glasses and dishware?
Who did Tilt refuse to allow to summit Tombstone IV?
In bouldering what do you call a technically difficult rock?
a "problem"
What make the kids angry about the National Daily newspaper?
it published personal things about the climbers
loosening or releasing
extra force
unsatisfactory in quantity or size
a long, angry speech
exploring and/or mapping a cave
What did Tilt do when he got angry in the van?
he took Sammi's tape and threw it out the window
Who pulled out of the Summit Quest expedition?
Ethan Zaph
Chris gave this to Dominic to take on the climb.
dead sea sand in the vial
Who was standing in the TV lounge surrounded by shattered glass?
This is where the Bryn hid until Cicero went back to bed.
industrial-sized dryer
What did Bryn say was the reason for the shattered items during the night?
she was sleepwalking
Who were the original four climbers selected to go to Mount Everest?
Ethan Zaph,Chris Alexis,Bryn,Perry
Cicero was really looking forward to telling this person that they had been cut.
Who is Perry's uncle?
Summit Athletic's founder
Who was shocked that they had actually made the final team?
These two climbers were crying the night of the final cuts
Perry and Tilt
What was the first part of the mission?
half-mile hike to Lucifer's Claw
Who tried to save Bryn from going over the edge of the mountain?
Who was too large to get down the ice envelope to save Bryn?
Why couldn't Bryn get back out of the ice envelope quickly?
she wouldn't fit; had to chip the ice
Who jumped off a mountain to get to the rope hanging from the helicopter?
Did the Summit Quest expedition get canceled?