the earliest study on observational learning were performed by edward l thorndike and showed that
there was no evidence of such learning in animals
learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior due to experience. in observational learning this behavior change involves
observing a model
according to the textbook reading, observational learning involves observing
events and their consequences
social observational learning may defined as
any change in behavior due to observing a model
when an observer learns from a model, the model is typically receiving
operant conditioning
the tendency to imitate modeled behavior that is irrelevant for reinforcement is called
over imitation
herbert and harsh compared the behavior of cats that had observed a model perform an act 30 times with cats that had observed the model only 15 times, they found that
those that observed 30 performances did substantially better than those that observed 15
research shows that whether children imitate an aggressive models behavior depends on
whether the models behavior is reinforced or punished
according to the fully behaviorist view, observational learning
is really a form of operant learning
punishment of a models behavior has ____ on the behavior of an observer
an impact
which of the following is a characteristic of models that influences vicarious learning
all of the above
which of the following is associated with banduras theory of observational learning?
attentional processes
skinner maintained that reinforcement determines the ___ of a response; bandura maintains that reinforcement determines only the ___ of a response.
acquisition; performance
according to banduras approach, which of the following is not a basic process or ingredient of observational learning?
absent-minded professor pickering.


operant conditioning
researchers found that college students imitated the reinforced word choices of models.

they mentioned more nouns than a control group. in their study the observers

listened to models on an audio tape
in their study of observational learning fisher and harris found that if a model wore an eye patch, then observers learned
more from the models behavior
studies of "asocial" observational learning often use a ____ condition.
who is the most likely observer to learn from the observation of a modeled behavior?
an observer who can attend to and retain the observed event in memory and reproduce it
according to lecture, the phenomenon known as generalized imitation is
the tendency to imitate modeled behavior
from reading the text we learn that the operant learning theory of observational learning takes the ___approach
natural science
in banduras theory of vicarious learning, steps taken by the observer to improve later recall of a models behavior are called
retentional processes