Which statement best summarizes the career of Thurgood Marshall?
After working for the NAACP and winning twenty-nine court cases, Marshall was appointed a Supreme Court justice.
As a result of Henderson v. United States (1950),
segregation on interstate forms of transportation was outlawed.
Which statement is true of World War II African American military units?
They were kept from combat roles.
The first African American player in Major League Baseball was
Jackie Robinson.
Who worked against Truman's efforts to desegregate the military?
Southern Democrats
Executive Order 8802 integrated
the defense industry
Which legal case forced the University of Maryland to admit an African American student to its law school?
Murray v. Pearson
Which statement best describes the history of segregation in professional baseball?
It began by 1890 and continued until 1947.
Which statement best describes how Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson affected American culture?
They showed the country that integration could be successful.
The cases Sweatt v. Painter and McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents expanded
the right to equal education.
Which event marked the beginning of segregation in professional baseball in the late 1800s?
Baseball owners reached an informal agreement on segregation.
Segregation in the US armed forces was required by
Which best states how and when desegregation occurred in the US military?
President Truman desegregated the military after the end of World War II.
Who pressured President Roosevelt to end discrimination in the defense industry?
A. Philip Randolf
What was one effect of Jackie Robinson's joining Major League Baseball?
Other minorities began to play professional baseball.
Branch Rickey was
a white general manager who opposed segregation in baseball.
An NAACP member who became a Supreme Court justice was
Thurgood Marshall
The overall purpose of the NAACP is to
fight for the civil rights of African Americans.