A worldwide collection of networks that connects millions of businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals.
What did the internet originate as?
ARPANET in 1969.
2 main goals of ARPANET?

Allow scientists at different physical locations to share information and work together. 2. Function even if part of the network were disabled or destroyed by a disaster.

With ____________ _________________, a computer or device physically attaches via a cable or wire to a communications device.

wire connections
Computers without a _____________ ______________ can use a wireless modem or other communications device that enables wireless connectivity.
communications device
Hot Spot
A wireless network that provides internet connections to mobile computers and devices.
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
A business that provides and organizes access to the internet for free or for a fee.
Represents the amount of data that travels over a network.
IP Address
A sequence of numbers that uniquely identifies each computer of device connected to the internet.

Domain Name
A text-based name that corresponds to the IP address.
DNS Server
Translates the domain name into its associated IP address.
World Wide Web
Consists of a worldwide collection of electronic documents.
A collection of related webpages and associated items.

Web Server
A computer that delivers requested webpages to your computer.
An application that enables users with an internet connection to access and view webpages on a computer or mobile device.
Home Page
The first page that a website displays.
Web App
An application stored on a web server that you access through a browser.

Search Engine
A software that finds websites, webpages, images, videos, news, maps, and other information related to a specific topic.
Space or +
Display search that includes specific words.
Display search results that include only one word from a list.
( )
Combine search results that include specific words with those that include only one word from a list.
Exclude a word from search results.
" "
Search for an exact phrase in a specific order.

Substitute characters in place of the asterisk.
Web Publishing
The creation and maintenance of websites.
Any application that combines text with media.
A visual representation of context information.

A visual representation of data and information, designed to communicate quickly, simplify complex concepts, or present patterns or trends.
The appearance of motion created by displaying a series of still images in sequence.
Virtual Reality
Use of computers to simulate a real or imagined environment that appears as a three dimensional space.
Transmission of messages and files via a computer network.
Email Program
Allows you to create, send, receive, forward, store, print, and delete email messages.

Email List
A group of email addresses used for mass distribution of a message.
Instant Messaging
Services notify you when one or more of your established contacts are online and then allows you to exchange messages or files or join a private chat room with them.
A real-time typed conversation that takes place on a computer or mobile device with many other online users.
Chat Room
A website or application that permits users to chat with other who are online at the same time.
Online Discussion
An online area in which users have written discussions about a particular subject.

Enables users to speak to other users via their internet connection.
An internet standard that permits file uploading and downloading to and from other computers on the internet.
The code of acceptable internet behavior.
The internet has its roots in a network that became functional in 1969, linking scientific researchers across the US. What was the name of that network?
Which of the following oversees research for the internet?
World Wide Web Consortium
Which of the following is a business that provides individuals and companies with access to the internet for free or for a fee?A. access providerB.

service providerC. host providerD. email provider

A. Access Provider
Which of the following consists of a worldwide collection of electronic documents?A.

blogworldB. webC. internetD. both b and c



Which of the following is application software that allows users to access and view webpages?A. readerB. browserC. hostD.


B. browser
Who is the creator of the World Wide Web?A. Steve WozniakB. Steve JobsC.

Bill GatesD. Tim Berners - Lee

D. Tim Berners - Lee
Which of the following is a small version of a larger graphic on a webpage?A. key frameB. thumbnail C.

appletD. extraction

B. thumbnail
Which of the following includes music, speech, or any other sound?A. audioB. violatingC.

videoD. digeo

A. audio
Which of the following is the code of acceptable behaviors users should follow while on the internet, that is, it is the conduct expected of the individuals while online?A. netiquetteB. web politesseC.

internet behaviorD. web civility

A. netiquette
What is the term for characters, such at (: or :(, used to express emotion in an email message or newsgroup article?A. spamB. FAQsC.

emoticonsD. flames

C. emoticons