A political party is
an organization that consists of individuals interested in controlling government by winning elections.
A general election is held in
November of even-numbered years.
In Texas, a candidate may only win an office in a general election if he/she receives
a plurality of the vote.
The American political party system consists of
national, state, county, and precinct levels.
In March 2012, a three-judge federal panel ordered a _______ primary election date for Texas.
Primaries and conventions that nominate candidates, adopt platforms, and select delegates to higher level conventions are known as
temporary party organizations.
Which of the following would be performed at a party's precinct convention?
Nomination of delegates to the county convention
Precinct conventions in Texas are usually
lightly or sparsely attended.
Resolutions adopted at the precinct convention will be submitted first to the
county or district convention.
District conventions are held in
highly populated areas of the state like Bexar, Harris, and Dallas counties.
The main business of county and district conventions is to
select delegates to the state convention.
According to the Texas Election Code, each political party in Texas must hold a ___________ in June of even-numbered years.
state convention
Which of the following tasks is not performed every two years at the state party convention?
Election of state legislators
Which of the following happens at the party state convention during presidential election years only?
Selection of potential presidential electors
Each state receives a number of electoral votes equal to the
number of seats each state has in Congress.
How many electoral votes will Texas have in the presidential election of 2016?
In 2014, how did delegates to the state party conventions communicate their experiences and describe the proceedings to those outside the conventions?
Via social media such as Facebook and Twitter
Which of the following is not one of a party precinct chair's duties?
Representing the party in lawsuits
The party's county executive committee is
comprised of all of the precinct chairs.
As mandated by Texas state law, each party's state executive committee must
be comprised equally of men and women.
The main role of a state party's chair is to be the party's
key strategist and key spokesperson.
Returns from the party primaries for statewide office are counted (or "canvassed") by the
state party executive committee.
Which political label would best describe a politician that is in favor of government regulation of the economy, but limited government involvement on social issues?
Liberals would most likely support which of the following policies?
laws protecting a woman's right to equal pay for equal work
When Congress passed the Reconstruction Acts, former slave owners and supporters of the Confederacy were
purged as officeholders and denied the vote.
Political alliances during the Republic of Texas were based on
The history of the Texas political party system has tended toward
Texas being a one-party state.
One of the reasons why Anglo voters opposed Governor E. J. Davis was that he
appointed African Americans to office throughout the state.
During the period of Reconstruction that followed the Civil War (1865-1873), the __________ Party controlled Texas politics.
After Reconstruction, which political party dominated in Texas for more than 100 years?
Which political party during the latter part of the 19th century focused on agrarian issues and posed a challenge to the Democratic party of Texas?
At the turn of the 20th century, the Populist Party in Texas declined, largely due to
the Democratic Party adopting its issues.
Beginning in the late 1940s, a majority of conservative Democrats in Texas began to support the
national Republican candidates.
The fiercest political fighting in Texas between 1900 and 1950 was between
liberal and conservative Democrats.
Who was the first Texas Republican elected in a statewide vote in the last half of the 20th century?
John Tower
What year did Texans elect their first Republican governor since Reconstruction?
What year did Texans elect the first woman ever to represent the state in the U.S. Senate?
Which Texas governor, elected in 1994, was successful as the Republican Party's candidate for President in 2000?
George W. Bush
In __________, for the first time since the primary system was established in Texas, Republican primaries were conducted in all 254 Texas counties.
In which of the following decades did the Republican Party in Texas begin to win almost all of the statewide offices it challenged?
The closest presidential election of modern times was in
2000, when Republican George W. Bush defeated Democrat Al Gore by four electoral votes.
In the Texas general election of 2000, which two parties had more candidates for statewide office than did the Democratic Party?
Green and Libertarian
. Republicans won all statewide races in the _______ general election
In the Texas general election of 2002, which trio was dubbed "the dream team" because of their expected appeal to Latino, African American, and Anglo voters?
Sanchez, Kirk, and Sharp
Which of the following is not true of the 2008 election?
Democrats gained a majority in the Texas Senate for the second straight election.
In 2008, one reason why Obama won in Harris, Travis, Bexar, and Dallas counties was because of
solid support from Latino and African American voters.
In 2010, Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives
gained a supermajority for the first time since Reconstruction.
Which is true of the past three primary elections in Texas?
More Republicans than Democrats turned out to vote.
The trend of voters abandoning their traditional political party allegiance is referred to as
Which of the following geographic areas is not a Democratic stronghold in Texas?
German Hill Country
Which geographic area of Texas is not a Republican stronghold?
Hispanic counties of South Texas
A political party that is not one of the two major parties is referred to as a
third party.
When a person votes for only candidates from one party, they are engaging in
straight-ticket voting.
Which statement best describes the Libertarian Party?
It supports limited government and maximum individual liberties.
In which of the following ways have third parties been least successful?
Winning elections to national offices
Of the third parties listed below, which probably has had the least influence on Texas politics?
Which statement best describes the Green Party?
It advocates environmental protection and government reform policies.
Which of the following were independent candidates who had a significant impact on a Texas election?
Richard S. "Kinky" Friedman and Carol Keeton Strayhorn