How do regional economies create differences?
North, South and West of the USA have different economies. South & West are farming; North is industrial.
Sam Slater
A 21 year old Brit who wanted to become an economical leader. He smuggled himself into America. He kept all the plans for success in his head and invents the factory system.
The Factory System
Machines and people in the same room
Division of Labor
The specialization of cooperating individuals who perform specific tasks and roles. (one man, one job)
Mass Production
Create large qualities at lower prices.
Eli Whitney
The inventor of the cotton gin
Function of the Cotton Gin
Separates seeds from the cotton instead of making a person do it. This machine will create the process literally 50 times easier.
Interchangeable Parts
Parts of a whole which can be fixed or replaced.
How did the cotton gin affect the population of slaves?
The cotton gin makes owners buy more fields therefore, making U.S have millions of more slaves to process more cotton.
Tariff of 1816
The tax on goods coming into the country for example tobacco and cotton.
How does the Tariff of 1816 help the US economy?
Helps the Northern Businesses, they sell things at high prices since they are costly to make. Since Britain had been making things for a longer time, their same items would be sold at a lower price in more abundance. Because of this, US put taxes on Britain's products.
Who gets re-elected in the Election of 1828?
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson is known as?
United State's first democratic president- "people's president"
Spoils System
Rewarding your supporters by giving them positions in the cabinet. Jackson's closest friends made up his cabinet.
Why was Jackson's Spoils System a problem?
Many of the cabinet members were not qualified to hold positions as government officials.
Kitchen Cabinet
When Jackson's friends/Cabinet would conduct secret meetings to talk about presidential plans.
Indian Removal Act of 1830
"Safe" movement of Indians to present day Oklahoma.
Tariff of Abominations
Also called Tariff of 1828. It raised the tariff on imported manufactured goods. The tariff protected the North but harmed the South;
Why didn't the South like the Tariff of Abominations?
South felt that the taxes were unfair, excessive, and targeted their region of the country. South said that the tariff was economically discriminatory and unconstitutional because it violated state's rights.
What options did the South have in dealing with the Tariff?
The south had to either import finished goods from Europe (primarily Britain) or buy goods made in the North.
John C. Calhoun
Andrew Jackson's VP during his first term in office. Calhoun was a farmer from the South who was against the Tariff. He feels so strongly against the Tariff of 1828 (abominations) that he relinquishes his title for VP.
What caused Calhoun to anger Jackson?
Calhoun wrote an essay criticizing the negative effects of the Tariff of 1828. This caused the South to rebel against Jackson; Jackson wanted to hang Calhoun because of this.
Nullification Act
act passed by South Carolina that declared the 1832 tariff illegal.
Force Bill
Bill that makes it legal for the US to use military force to make states follow the tariff.
What does the force bill show about Jackson?
The force bill shows the authority of Jackson and his country.
Bank Crisis
Congress wished to renew the legislation that allowed the national bank to exist. Jackson vetoed the bill and let the Second National Bank dissolve into smaller state banks.
President during the crisis
Van Buren
William H. Harrison
"Hero" of Tippecanoe, defeated Tecumseh and killed off his tribe
Log Cabin Campaign
Advertised himself as a poor, self-made man to appeal to people, however, he was born rich.
Shortest presidential term in history is held by
William H. Harrison
William H. Harrison died of
John Tyler
First ever VP to succeed as president following the death of William H. Harrison
Henry Clay
Told people not to vote for Jackson in order for Adams to win.