Period of Dominance: Strong before 1800 Supporters: Businessmen and wealthy people Leaders: Alexander Hamilton
Jeffersonian Republicans
Period of Dominance: 1800-1820s Supporters: Common people Leaders: Thomas Jefferson
Jacksonian Democrats
Period of Dominance: 1820's-1830's Supporters: Small farmers, debtors, landowners, planters Leaders: Andrew Jackson
Period of Dominance: 1830-1850's Supporters: Bankers, Merchants, Industialist, Planters Leaders: Clay, Webster, Harrison Taylor
Period of Dominance: 1860-1932 Supporters: Business & financial interests, labors, farmers, African Americans Leaders: Lincoln, Taft, T. Roosevelt, McKinley, Fremont
Post Civil-War Democrats
Period of Dominance: never dominated outside the South Supporters: The South Leaders: Bryan, Wilson
New Deal Democrats
Period of Dominance: 1932-1968 Supporters: South, small farmers, organized labor, big city political organizations, minorities Leaders: Truman, Kennedy, Johnson
Era of the Democrats Major Issues
conflict over land, second bank of US, high tarriffs, slavery
Era of the Republicans Major Issues
Civil War, Reconstruction, Great Depression
Return of the Democrats
Great Depression, New Deal, WW2, Kennedy assasination
currently holding office
a conflicting group
all of the people entitled to vote in a given election
a narrow-minded concern for, or devotion to, the interests of one section of a country