The Knight's Tale setting
Pagan Antiquity Classical figures -The Gods- constantly unfair. No moral governing of the universe
The Knight's Tale genre
Romance (highly philosophical)highly stylized manner of courtly love
The Knight's Tale Characters
Palamon asked Venus for Emily, is imprisoned for life but escapes after 7 yearsEmily prayed to Diana (huntress) to remain a maidenArcite asked Mars for victory, principle squire to theseus after being set free as a favor and disguising himselfTheseus King is Emelye's Brother in low, often equated to a christian figure
The Miller's Tale Genre
Fabliau: simple, vigorous , straight-forwardTime: presentSetting FamiliarTota inversion of the Knight's Tale
Fabliau Justice
does not coincide with conventional moralitypunished: greed, hypocrisy, pride, old age, halfwits, presumption of a husband who attempts to guard his wife's chastity
The Miller's Tale motifs
Misdirected Kiss-Absolon kisses Alison's buttThe second flood- Nicholas tricks John into thinking this so he may sleep with Alison and the towns people this him crazy
The Miller's Tale Characters
Hende Nicholas: Clerk, student of astronomyAlison: the carpenter's young wifeAbsolon: another clerk in the parish, another suitor of AlisonJohn: the carpenter and Alison's husband, punished for taking a young wife , religion should be blind belief (God's pryvetee)
The Cook's Tale Genre

Possibly the worst of the downward movement of Fragment 1. Theme of the sexual and ecumenic working together

The Monk's Tale Genre
A series of tragedies, compilations of short narratives.
Tragedy (medieval)
protagonist is victim rather than hero. He is raised up and then cast down by Fortune. Avoid happiness because Fortune is in control of it all.

The Wife of Bath Genre
Prologue: Apologia, literary confession, dramatic monologueTale: A Romance
The Wife of Bath
Named AlisonReady for her 6th husband Belongs to the tradition of the Old BaudKickstarts the marriage group
The Wife of Bath and Authorities
Uses Masculine Texts.Authorities are Doctrine, biblical and classical texts
The Wife of Bath's Tale Setting
Long ago, King Arthur rules and elves run around impregnating maidens
The Wife of Bath's Characters
King Arthur's Knight: rapes a maiden, marries the old ugly ladyThe Queen: asks the knight what women really wantLothly lady: married the knight and tells him the secret to what women want, eventually gains maistry over her husband and becomes beautiful for him
The Shipman's Tale
Originally meant for The Wife of Bathgenre: fabliau
The Shipman's Tale Characters
The Merchant, very prosperous and thriftyMerchant's Wife, cuckolds him with the monk, duan JohnDuan John, the monk who claims to be the merchants cousin to get closer to his fair wife.
Merchant's Tale Genre
Fabliau Cast in High Style: rhetorically advanced
Merchant's Tale Characters
January: Old bachelor that Marries May, eventually goes blindMay: January's young wife, cuckolds JanuaryDamian: January's squire who is in love with MayPluto: wants to restore Js sight so he can see he is being cuckolded Proserpina: wants May to have sex with Damian
Merchant's Tale Authorities
Proserpina uses authorities to argue that may should have sex with Damian, good women exist. The evils of woman are not comparable to the evils of man.
Merchant's Tale biblical imagery
Pear tree: female fertilityHortus conclusus: wall around the garden, symbol of virginity and the vrigin mary, also Eden Genesis: The 1st marriage, the first female betrayal of marriageForbidden fruit alluded to with the pear
Franklin's Tale Genre
Brenton Lay: short romances, love and the super natural.Also possibly the culminations of the marriage group
Franklin's Tale Characters
Averagus: the knight who hold trouthe and honor above all elseDorigen: Averagus' wife who makes a promise that she cannot keep to Aurelius Aurelius: a squire who is in love with Dorigen and asks her to be with him The Philosopher: Makes the cragged cliffs disappear because Aurelius pays him to create the allusion
Franklin's Tale Marriage Group
Takes the middle road between the Wife of Baths Tale and the Clerks TaleThemes of Honour and trouthe are readily accepted as being necessary in marriage
Man of Law's Tale Genre
Romance, Custance belongs to the tradition of exiled queens.
Man of Law's Characters
Custance: the ultimate sufferer, marries Alla by showing that christianity exists King Alla: Marries Custance and eventually his son succeeds her father thrown Various evil mother in laws, sulteness, DonegildWarden and Dame Hermenglyd take custance in and are eventually persuaded by her christian doctrine
Sir Thopas Tale
Parody of popular English Romance also unfinished.
Sir Thopas parody
the tail rhyme: lends its intense rhythm doggerel the diminishing fitscomic scenes: fleeing from the elephant man, falling in love longing with someone he doesn't knowdescription of the knight: effeminate and childlike, yet females are still in love with him
The Prioress Tale Genre
The miracle of the virgin, devotionalanti-semetic emphasis on pathos (litel)
Ave Maria, Alma Redemptoris
The latin got Hail mary and the title of the christian song sung y the child in the prioress's tale
The Prioress's Tale Characters
young boy and widow