What do people get to play with in the future?
What is a utopia?
An imagined place that is perfect
What is the Dauntless lesson in Chapter 13?
How to throw a knife
Who leads the knife throwing lesson?
Eric the Crazy
Who is good at knife throwing?
Who isn't good at throwing knives?
What is the crucial skill?
Knife throwing
How does Eric teach Al a lesson?
He makes him get his knife by the target while others are still throwing at the target.
Who takes Al's place?
Who throws a knife at Tris?
What happens to Tris?
She gets nicked in the ear with a knife.
Why is Four teasing Tris?
To make her fail
What does Tris realize just before Visiting Day?
She's too muscular to wear her old clothes
Who bullies Tris?
Peter, Molly, and Drew
What does Peter do to Tris?
Grabs her towel from her
Who does Tris get to fight?
What has Tris been studying?
Molly's fighting techniques
Who give Tris advice?
Who kicks whose butt?
Tris kicks Molly's butt
Does Tris feel bad about beating up Molly? Why?
No, because Molly had been taunting her.