what city benefitted first from construction of hoover dam on the colorado river?
las vegas
who wrote the book "cadillac desert"?
marc reisner
who was john wesley powell?
lead the last great scientific expedition of the united states
who was floyd dominy?
commissioner of reclamation, 1959-1969
who in 1922 convened the western states to divide the waters of the colorado river?
herbert hoover
who was left out of that water rights allocation?
native americans & mexico
give another name for the hoover dam.
boulder dam
what federal agency designed and built the dam?
bureau of reclamation
how much rain does las vegas receive each year?
3 inches
how many people move to las vegas every week?
what were "high-scalers"?
men who climbed down the canyon walls on ropes
what lake was formed behind hoover dam?
lake mead
how much did hoover dam cost?
$53 million
how long was hoover dam designed to last?
thousands of years
what dam was built in 1956?
glen canyon dam
what is the name of the lake that was formed by glen canyon dam?
lake powell
what was glen canyon dam primarily built for and what city did it benefit?
to power homes in phoenix
what movement was kicked off by glen canyon dam?
does the colorado river reach the sea?
not anymore
what river was dammed in the creation of the grand coulee dam?
columbia river
who referred to themselves as the "messiah"?
floyd dominy