Artistic devices used to glorify a rulers image include an idealized image and
Standing side by side
In the Egyprian sculpture Menkaure and His Wife, Queen Khamerenbty, the figures are shown
In this image, Justinian is shown as a(n)
This image of Justinian is an example of
The Twelve apostles
The twelve figures flanking emperor Justinian in this I,age allude to
The crowned Head of an Oni demonstrated the Yoruba and Benin skill in
In ancient Hawaii, only royalty could own or wear precious objects made of
Fly whisks
The royal kahili were simply
The triumph of the will was a film glorifying
Status quo
The _______ is the normal, existing state of affairs, which appears natural or inevitable instead of constructed or evolving
It's grand use of columns
Achaemenid architecture is especially distinguished by
Versailles was originally built in the ____ style
Five legs
The lamassu was a figure that stood on
Lewis Hine's photos of child laborers have long _____, which fully documented their youthfulness
The passion of Sacco and Vanzetti uses ____ as a protest strategy
Kara Walker
______ is an African American artist who creates life size, cutout silhouette figures based on racist imagery of the Slave era in the United States
An apotheosis mans that someone has to become
A warrior on horseback
Art can forge racial identity and preserve the history and values of a(n) _______ group
Spanish Civil War
Picassos Guernica dramatized the 1937 deconstruction of the basque capital during the ____ war
The palette of King Narmer glorifies _____
Ruthlessness and brutality
The Assyrians dominated the near east for over 300 years and were known for their
A fantastic creature, the Lamassu had the head of a
Cast iron
England's Houses of Parliament used new building materials such as
Mathew Brady
The first to photograph war, _____ made 3500 photographs covering both sides of the U.S. Civil War
All of the above
____ have symbolized peace in western art
A rulers image is often ______, meaning it is depicted without flaws and often with youthful vigor
Unification of Egypt
The Palette of King Narmer represents the forceful
To emphasize Christianity in the image The emperor Justinian and his Attendants, a soldiers shield displays the _____, an ancient symbol of Christ
The triumph of the will
The film _____ established Adolf Hitler as the first media hero of the modern age
In his paintings, Marc Chagall sometimes used the _____ device of fracturing space to represent instability
Mixed media
Bettye saar's the liberation of Aunt Jemima is a ___ piece
Forbidden city
The ____ in china was built as a sign of imperial power and as an instrument to maintain power
Protest racial and gender discrimination
The guerrilla girls are a group of artists that
Great wall
The ___ Of China, considered to be a wonder of the world, is a monumental example of war architecture
Known for its cinematic technique, the film the battleship Potemkin used _____to allow viewers to pice together the story from fleeting images
The French people saw Rococo architecture as
Spear throwers
The colossal Tula warrior columns wear Toltec garb, elaborate headdresses, each hold ____ at their side
Surrealism and cubism
Picasso Guernica blends aspects of _____ and ____
After painting guernia, Picasso said,