Began around 400 b.c.e Confucius was born to a rich family in Northern China and became a teacher and political advisor His thoughts and saying were recorded in the book Analects
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Confucianism is a social and political philosophy; it is not a religion Focuses on five fundamental relationships -Ruler to subject, parent to child, husband and wife, older to younger siblings, and friend and friend - When all people follow the right structure and roles society is orderly and predictable
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Other Values of Confucianism Ren- humanity, kindness, and benevolence Li- propriety, courtesy, and deference to elders Xiao- filial piety- family obligation -It was believed that people who fulfilled these roles would become excellent administrators -under this system , political orders (parties) were not supported, instead good people were promoted -women were viewed as second class citizens under Confucianism Confucianism spread rapidly because it was not a threat to their religions due to its philosophical nature, it could be blended with other religions
-Began around 500 B.C.E -Taoism focuses on the Dao, which is defined as the way of nature and the cosmos -Created by a man named Lao-tzu - The concept of Dao is passive and yielding; it accomplishes everything yet does nothing
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- The concept of Dao is passive and yielding; it accomplishes everything yet does nothing -Concept of water - it can be soft and yielding, yet capable of erosion -Ambition and activism create chaos - Taoist believe in wuwei- disengagement from worldly affairs, to live in harmony with nature
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-Daoist lived in small, self-sufficient communities, that promoted social harmony with other ideas -Because of this it blended well with Confucianism and Legalism -Daoist were advocates of science and promoted botany, chemistry, and astronomy
Legalism began during the Qin Dynasty -Believed that peace and order can only be obtained through a strong government -Humans were evil and needed a strong forceful hand in order to do the right thing -Harsh punishment and tough laws needed to be created
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-There were only two professions that were worth having- farming and military -Legalism was mainly adopted by government systems (Qin) to gain control -Due to its brutal enforcement of laws, although the government followed legalism, many commoners turned to Confucianism and Daoism