tents used by nomadic Turkish and mongol tribes
religious specialists who possessed supernatural powers and who communicated with the gods and the spirits of nature. Turkish religion focused around them
Turkish tribes that gained control over the Abbasid empire and fought with the Byzantine empire
-RULER-rarely ruled directly, but ruled through the leaders of allied tribes.
The Sulijug leader -CHIEFTAIN or RULER-
the site of a crushing and demoralizing defeat of Byzantine forces led by the emperor
Genghis Khan
Chinggis Khan- Ruler who made aliances with other leaders. Brought all the Mongol tribes together into one great nation.
Chinggis Khan
Chinggis Khans capital or the Mongol empire
"city of the khan" mongol capital in china
How many regions did mongol empire divide into after chinggis death?
Khubilai Khan
Genghis Khan's grandson, perhaps one of mongol empires greatest rulers, spread rule into all of china. Generous.
Buddhism, but was tolerant of others also
Khubilai supported what religion?
-DIVINE WINDS- Japanese defenders contributed win to this.
The Golden Horde
A group of mongols, Khubilai's cousins and brothers, who controlled mongol in the east. Russia to west europe. Eventually fled to China
The Ilkhanate of Persia
Hülegü, Khubilai's brother taking Mongol rule in Persia. More conquers than governors and lost control eventually.
Guillaume Boucher
goldsmith captured by Mongol empire and technically a slave, but he worked as a goldsmith in Mongol capital city, Karakorum
Alcoholic drink from animal products by fermenting mare's milk into a potent concoction
People who never formed a single, homogeneous group but rather organized into clans and tribes that were all rivals. Animals played a large part in their life style.
Bubonic Plague
-BLACK DEATH- Killed 1/3 of Europe's population. Started in Southwestern China. Epidemic disease.
Ottoman Empire
Powerful turkish empire that lasted from the conquest of Constantinople until 1918 and reached its peak during the reign of Süleyman the Magnificent.
Yuan dynasty
Chinese dynasty that was founded by the Mongol ruler Khubilai Khan